Inside a star-studded wedding

00:13, May 20 2014
Poppy Delevingne's wedding
THE VEIL: Cara had the important job of making sure the detachable train and voluminous veil (both Chanel, of course) were sitting just so throughout the day. Oh, and is that new ink we spy on her neck..?
Poppy Delevingne's wedding
THE GUESTS: Trinny Woodhall may be a fashion adviser, but her outfit left a bit to be desired - is that a table runner slung over her arm?
Poppy Delevingne's wedding
THE GUESTS: Iconic composer Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber looked dashing (if a little slapdash) in black, grey, beige AND pink. He lent a helping hand to the wedding by arranging the music which accompanied the registry signing.
Poppy Delevingne's wedding
THE GUESTS: Is anyone else disappointed when Geri Halliwell arrives at an event in anything but that awesome Union Jack dress? Ok, maybe just me then. Anyway, the former Spice Girl, who according to rumours was one of the numerous bridesmaids, turned up with her new beau, Christian Horner and 7-year-old daughter, Bluebell Madonna in tow.
Poppy Delevingne's wedding
THE SPECIAL COUPLE: Model and socialite Poppy Delevingne alongside her new husband, James Cook. We're almost at a loss for words to describe just how stunning her Chanel gown is - the girl can pull off a drop-waist embellished number like no other. While the dress was a one-off designed by Mr Karl Lagerfeld himself, we can't help but be reminded of <a href="" target="_blank">Blake Lively in Chanel</a> back in 2011. Who do you think wore it better?
Poppy Delevingne's wedding
THE PIPPA II: Younger sis Cara Delevingne looked gorgeous in her fluttering white Chanel bridesmaid dress - she even pulled off those slightly dated chiffon sleeves with ease - what a pro.
Poppy Delevingne's wedding
THE CUTE FACTOR: The wedding put the literal 'bear' in the term ring-bearers as evidenced by this photo. Exhibit A: Cara holding the hand of a very tiny and cute bear (or page boy, as they say in England) with another in the foreground. Awwww.
Poppy Delevingne's wedding
THE BRIDE: With her blonde hair styled in subtle waves and picture perfect makeup, Poppy looked nothing short of radiant.
Poppy Delevingne's wedding
THE BACKSTAGE SHOT: Acclaimed makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury (the heavily pregnant redhead) pictured with all three of the Delevingne sisters - yes, there are three: eldest sister Chloe (left) tends to leave the spotlight to her blonde family members, gave us a sneak peek of what exactly goes on behind the scenes at a high-profile wedding. Ie, Instagram shots, security checks and an insane amount of air kissing, hmmm not qute your average nuptials then.

When beautiful London socialities get hitched, it's kind of a big deal.

Partly it's because of all the famous people that will attend, and the church it will be set in (for Poppy no less than St Paul's in London).

Also, there exists a generalised and inexplicable excitement among us ordinary folk to see blue-blooded types marry off their double barrelled surname offspring (Tatler is the other guilty pleasure).

But mostly, as when we gawp at anybody's wedding, it's about the dress.

And for Poppy who married James Cook on Saturday, boy was it a killer one.

Delevingne wore a breathtakingly beautiful structured beaded custom Chanel number with an on-trend sheer skirt, created especially for her by Mr Lagerfeld himself.


Delevingne's baby sis, supermodel Cara Delevingne was one of the (17!) bridesmaids and she kind of pulled a Pippa Middleton, threatening to upstage the bride in her smashing white Chanel number.

Super pregnant other Delevingne sister (Chloe, the slightly less famous one) looked beautiful in a Victoria Beckham frock. 

Congrats and best wishes to the ridiculously good looking couple.

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