Pippa Middleton feels 'publicly bullied'

06:34, Jul 01 2014
pippa middleton
STEALING THE SPOTLIGHT: She says her bridesmaid's dress was supposed to blend into the train of her sister Kate's gown, but Pippa's assets remain a talking point of the Royal Wedding.

Pippa Middleton has spoken out about how she felt bullied following her sister's wedding to Prince William in 2011.

"I have felt publicly bullied a little bit, like when I read things that clearly aren't true. It is quite difficult because I'm just paving my way and trying to live a life like any 30-year-old," Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister, told US Today show host Matt Lauer during her first ever interview.

"I think people feel they can say something about you online or on a web page that they would never say to your face and they think that's OK."

She also spoke of her surprise at the extent of interest in the royal wedding and how it wasn't until she was standing on the balcony at Buckingham Palace next to Prince Harry amid what Lauer called "a sea of humanity" that it dawned on her.

"We saw it as just a family wedding. And actually, I didn't realise, perhaps, the scale of it until afterwards. I had to make sure I helped my sister where I should and look after the bridesmaids and page boys, but we really saw it as a family getting together and doing their bit, like any family," she said.   

"Even walking through the [Westminster] Abbey, there were a lot of people but I didn't see any TV cameras, so to me it was just performing in front of a lot of people and not necessarily in front of the whole world."


According to the socialite-turned-writer, her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen bridesmaid gown, which was designed by the same woman who created Kate's wedding dress, is now hanging somewhere in the back of her closet.

The reaction to the figure-hugging column dress, that led to her gaining the moniker "Her Royal Hottness", was also unexpected and embarrassing for the author of the party planning book Celebrate.

"I think the plan was not really for it to be a significant dress. Really just to sort of blend in with the train," she said, "I suppose it's flattering... it wasn't planned.

"I haven't worn it since. But I think I'll just keep it there [in the wardrobe]. I think it's the sort of thing that I'm sure I'll bring out if someone wanted to see it or my children one day want to see it. Then I'll show them."

Part two of the interview will air in the US on Tuesday evening and will focus on her relationship with Kate and what it means to be the aunt of the heir to the British throne.

"She [Middleton] couldn't be nicer. She couldn't be more down to earth. She seems normal, grounded, down to earth to me," Lauer said.

The interview follows her recent six-day bike ride across 12 American states. She was the only female in the team of eight, which included her brother James, in the Race Across America. The pair were riding for charity.

Prior to setting off on her $4000 custom-made bike she admitted to stocking up on a special shea butter-infused anti-chafing cream for her now famous posterior.

"I think every cyclist including me will be layering it on," she said of the special chamois cream at the time.

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