How to plan an Island wedding

ISLAND WEDDING: The relaxed style and friendliness of the Island make for a carefree and romantic atmosphere.
ISLAND WEDDING: The relaxed style and friendliness of the Island make for a carefree and romantic atmosphere.

Want to minimise the stress of planning a wedding, but not compromise on your special day?

Escape to the islands... And tie the knot while you're there!

Planning an island wedding can actually be easier than planning a wedding in New Zealand.


Flying there can be as quick as flying from one end of New Zealand to the other, and in some cases just as cheap. Plus, save on travel expenses by staying on for a honeymoon - you're already at the perfect destination!


The relaxed style and friendliness of the Islanders will quickly tame even the most highly strung Bridezillas, and make for a carefree and romantic atmosphere. Rain on your wedding day? No worries - more than likely you'll be able to reschedule.


The best time to travel to the Pacific Islands is the dry season between May through to October. For Kiwis, this means the wedding can be timed for a mid-winter escape.

Just make sure you book flights early, and try to avoid school holiday dates - unless you want children at the wedding, of course! On that note, make sure the accommodation is family friendly, if that's what you're after.


Fiji has long been a favourite wedding destination for Kiwis, but more recently the Cook Islands, Samoa, and Vanuatu have been gaining popularity.

The main islands (such as Rarotonga and Fiji) have regular daily airline services, meaning guests pressured for time would be able to limit their stay. The less travelled islands have weekly services out of Auckland, therefore enforcing a longer holiday.

Travel times are short, from two and a half hours to the nearest island, New Caledonia, through to four and a half hours to French Polynesia.


Do make sure you put in an early request for your wedding date, although timing can usually be confirmed on arrival. Also, check the venue allows only one or two weddings per day - after all, you deserve to be the centre of attention.

You'll need to have the correct documentation sorted out well in advance - don't leave the legal stuff to the last minute.


Spare your guests the stress of gift-shopping, by setting up a House of Travel wedding registry to help fund the trip. Win-win!

Have you planned or attended a wedding in the Pacific Islands? Do you have any tips to share? Leave a comment below.