Well her wedding dress is surprising

04:38, Aug 20 2014
Amber Rose's surprising wedding dress
THE HAPPY FAMILY: This giant skirt number was her actual dress. Baby Sebastian, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa on their wedding day.
Amber Rose's surprising wedding dress
HER NORMAL STYLE: Amber Rose is known for her love of body-con dresses, sleek directional fashion and ultra modern looks - so her very girly, very big wedding dress is certainly a surprise.
Amber Rose's surprising wedding dress
TWO GENERATIONS: Amber Rose poses with her mum on her wedding day. (Isn't Mama Rose a dead ringer for Pam Grier?!).
Amber Rose's surprising wedding dress
GO BIG OR GO HOME: Amber Rose in her Pnina Tornai for Kleinfeld dress: kilos and kilos of lace.
Amber Rose's surprising wedding dress
NOT THE WEDDING DRESS: Wiz shared this photo of his beautiful wife shortly after their wedding day, leading everyone to believe this was her wedding dress ... but no ...

She's known for her often unusual, but always super sleek and modern personal style, and so the level of 'poof' in Amber Rose's wedding dress is certainly a surprise.

The model, 30, shared photos of her wedding yesterday to celebrate her one year anniversary to rapper Wiz Khalifa, 26: giving the public their first glimpse of the big day that took place 12 months ago.

In one of the photos, the bride is holding the couple's adorable son Sebastian (those cheeks!). 

Her Pnina Tornai for Kleinfeld dress is an explosion of lace and quite the opposite of her normal look - her fashion is usually low-volume body con. In fact, last year Wiz Khalifa posted a photo of his lady love in a dress everyone presumed was her wedding gown (and suits her personal style far more). Khalifa, meanwhile, wore a bright pink tux jacket with a lily as his boutonniere: also quite a statement. 

Extremely voluminous dresses aside, this couple is clearly deeply in love, with Amber Rose telling Angie Martinez in an interview how emotional the day was:

"I don't think you understand how much I love this man. I cried my eyes out. Cried walking down the aisle. Cried during the ceremony. Cried at the reception. I kept hugging him and crying 'cause I love him so much."


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Those of you who aren't fans of top 20 rap or reality TV may not know who Amber Rose is ... well, she's a former stripper who has since reinvented her career to be a model and reality TV star.

She supported herself stripping at 15, and then became a music video girl. In 2008, Kanye West spotted her in What Them Girls Like, a Ludacris music video. They had a relationship for two years, and then a year later she met Wiz Khalifa ... the rest is history. 

She's since appeared in many music videos, a Russell Simmons reality series and RuPaul's Drag Race and is now a model with endorsement deals for Smirnoff. Tish Cyrus, yes, Miley's mum, is her manager: it's a strange world. 

And Wiz Khalifa? Well he's an incredibly successful rapper and singer-songwriter who is as famous for his outspoken love for cannabis as he is for his melodic raps.

Here's a super-cute Vine of Amber and Wiz's son Sebastian having a wee giggle ...