Proposal to wedding in six hours

17:52, Mar 04 2012
Special proposal
SURPRISED BRIDE: Newlyweds Lynore and Greg Daniels were married during a storm in a rapid-fire proposal and wedding which took the bride completely by surprise.

Lynore Daniels was in tears as her husband-to-be dropped to one knee on Waikanae Beach in the midst of a storm and popped the question.

But she had no time to collect her thoughts. Just six hours later, the couple were married in an intimate ceremony nearby.

"It was surreal," the 34-year-old newlywed said yesterday.

"From a bride's point of view, I didn't have time to stress about my wedding coming up. I didn't have any expectations. I was in shock, but blown away at the same time."

New husband Greg Daniels, 31, who is working on The Hobbit movie, revealed he spent three months planning the elaborate one-day double play, which included his wife modelling wedding dresses in a fabricated photo shoot so he knew which ones she liked.

He got her ring size while they drew outlines of their hands with their daughter.


"What I didn't want to do was hijack the most important day of a woman's life. I wanted to make sure that ... she had as many choices as humanly possible."

He sent invitations to friends and family across the globe, inviting them to the secret proposal. On Saturday he rigged up a camera with the intention of playing a live feed of it to guests in a marquee hidden behind sand dunes.

He planned to propose while on a walk with his partner and their daughter, Lacey, on the beach. However, the dire weather meant plans changed and instead the couple drove down the beach to "run their dogs".

He parked at the spot where he intended to pop the question about 10.40am. "I got out in the pissing rain and she had no idea what I was doing.

"I start reciting a little poem I'd come up with. She was completely shocked, tears were starting to well in her eyes and she says `yes'."

The couple then "scuffled over sand dunes in completely horizontal rain" to the marquee.

But only a handful of people were there because he'd popped the question too soon. "I thought the drive and organising the dogs was going to take like seven minutes. Apparently it took me 40 seconds.

"When all the guests arrived, my amazingly good-spirited partner and I, just for the sake of what we'd set up, we went out and did it again. She had an explosive `yes' and jumped on me in the sand and we rolled around in the wet sand for an instant and then we ran back up and joined the guests."

His bride-to-be was whisked away to have her hair done and choose her dress. Hours later, surrounded by family and friends, he watched as she was led down the aisle by her father at Glendoran estate in Reikorangi, in a Sophie Voon dress.

"It went better than I could ever have expected," Mr Daniels said. "All my dreams and more."

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