Anti-wedding T-shirts in bad taste

VERY CLEVER: The offending T-shirt.
VERY CLEVER: The offending T-shirt.

There is one garment that The Mister can't live without and I love buying them for him: T-shirts.

And he's very specific about the T-shirts. They can't have pockets, brands or unnecessary appliqué attached. Pretty much anything from Rivers or Quiksilver are out of the question.

I was trawling through some online T-shirt shops to get a bunch for his birthday when I came across this "Game Over" T-shirt.

My eyelid twitched. I made the human version of this emoticon :/

There were more. So many more. Clearly these T-shirts are meant to be funny. But I wasn't laughing. I was feeling really uncomfortable reading the slogans.

"Under New Management: Just Married." "The Doomed Groom." "Seven Words For A Long And Happy Marriage: Yes Dear; I'm Sorry; It's My Fault."

There is clearly a market for this sort of hilarity considering the checks and sign-offs that need to happen before a product is manufactured, bought en masse and sold at retail. 

This kind of humour isn't clever. It's kinda cheap and plays to the stereotype that bridezilla women just want to entrap a man with her talons of steel and lock him in the cupboard along with all her reason.

It also says that no man, deep down, really wants to be married. I feel exactly the same way about bucks' and hens' nights being touted as "the last night of freedom". If you ever feel like it is your last night of freedom, call it off.

And hey, maybe even call the cops.

I was reading a forum this week that mentioned the "Game Over" design specifically. Towards the end of the thread, I think some of the contributors were getting a bit sick of breaking down and trying to understand the douchebaggery that they started to come up with taglines that didn't pander to misogyny.

Positive slogans like "Power Up", "Player 2 Confirmed", "Challenger Appears" or "Achievement Unlocked" were bandied about.

My favourite?

"'You Win."

-Daily Life