One dress, 19 countries

01:40, Sep 24 2013
The travelling bride
Her gown even faced the ultimate test - a two hour camel ride through the Pyramids of Giza.
The travelling bride
Jennifer toasts the Eiffel tower in her dress.
The travelling bride
Introducing the jump shot bride. The dress took centre court inside the famous 76ers stadium in Philadelpia.
The travelling bride
Jennifer posing in front of a waterfall on the scenic Routeburn Trek in the South Island of New Zealand.

Most wear their wedding gowns just the once, but an American bride has worn hers 147 times, in 19 countries.

It started when Jennifer Salvage and her boyfriend decided to get married on Easter Island.

To make the journey, which included a 7,000 mile flight, a long drive across the isolated island, and a long walk to a volcano crater for the ceremony, she needed a dress that "could be stuffed in and out of a backpack without primping."

"It held up wonderfully," she said on her blog One Dress, One Woman, One World.

At the ceremony, Jennifer's husband asked her to wear her dress repeatedly to be photographed in different lighting conditions and locations around the island to get the "iconic image".

Salvage said the three photo shoots on Easter Island now seem like a walk in the park, as the couple went on to have 147 shoots in 19 countries: Chile, Switzerland, China, USA, Egypt, New Zealand, Hungary, France, Italy, Vatican, Peru, Iceland, Norway, Jamaica, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Hondoras, Greece, and Russia.


The dress, a Maggie Sottero gown aptly called 'Destinations', has traveled 147,500 miles, and been captured scuba diving in Molokini, swimming with dolphins, and playing defense in an ice hockey match for the Philadelphia Flyers.

Their travels even have a music video...

Jennifer Salvage is hiker, and was the first woman to hike the International Appalachhian trail alone.

When she is not travelling the world, she is a high school guidance counsellor, it says on the couple's website.

Her husband Jeff, a self-trained photographer. "enjoys reliving his wedding day" by photographing Jennifer.

He promotes race walking as an Olympic sport, and is a senior lecturer at Drexel University where he teaches computer science.