Video: Today's happy cry

02:56, Oct 18 2013

Washington woman Alissa Haslam had told her girlfriend Jeanne "she wasn't romantic" enough, but is now eating her words. Why? Well, the next day, this happened. 

"I am eating crow ... and will be for a long time," Haslam wrote on her YouTube channel of her misjudgement of her partner's ability to show affection.

Haslam was at work when a 'disturbance' led her to look out the window of her office and out onto the street, where a band of friends were playing a tune and her girlfriend was standing on top of a bus.

We'll let the video do the rest of the talking ... but let's just say Team Life&Style just audibly happy-sobbed in the middle of the open-plan Stuff office (and with earphones on, so it would have been extra audible. It was worth it though). 

Heslam works at The Washington Bus, an organisation that helps young people in the US engage with politics by trying to make sure they know about the issues, are registered to vote and fill out their ballots.