Gone viral: Bouquet toss fail

She was clearly serious about securing herself a hubby, but this single lady got a little more than she bargained for at a wedding on the weekend.

As she grabbed for the bride's bouquet, this overly enthusiastic wedding guest managed to throw herself over a railing.

Luckily, she was uninjured - physically, at least - and is said to have suffered "just a scratch". Emotionally, she may not have gotten off quite as lightly, as her humiliation was captured on film and uploaded to Reddit and YouTube on Monday.

The clip shows the MC counting down as a gaggle of ladies jostle for prime bouquet-catching position. As the bride makes the customary toss, the film's protagonist makes her move.

Seeing that no one has caught the bouquet and it has instead ended up in a fenced off garden-bed in the centre of the room, she runs around the other women and in her eagerness, accidentally launches herself over the barrier, disappearing off screen.

The MC lets out a "whoa" while the other guests scream.

And as if she hadn't suffered enough indignity already, the guest who filmed the incident has taken the time to replay the action several times in slow motion for any viewers who missed it the first time.

Of the more than 140,000 people who have watched the clip, few are sympathetic to the woman's plight.

"I understand now why she is not married. She is not lacking of beauty or a bouquet, she is lacking of a brain," says one commenter.

"She doesn't need the bouquet to get married. She's already head over heels," quips another.

That may be. Or perhaps if the video goes viral, someone will appreciate her feat of athleticism and fall head over heals for her?

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