Bride sings down aisle, we cry

02:32, Feb 14 2014

Planning the wedding of your dreams can be trying. Of course, you want it to be a super fun day laced with meaning, and hipster decor, but the cost of bunting alone will have you take to your bed with fever. 

Every couple hopes their wedding will be one to remember, that their choice of novelty bomboniere will not be left for the cleaners to collect, that their guests don't get too bored, or too drunk (FYI 'quite drunk' is actually the desired result).

But one thing you may not have considered, wedding DIYers, in your mission to make an impact, is trading aisle music in favour of a microphone, and simply serenading yourself down the runner to meet your beloved. Or perhaps you have, and in that case let this be a warning to you.

Following what was a family tradition, American bride Arianna Pflederer ensured all eyes were on her when she sang Carrie Underwood's "Look At Me" to her groom at the altar last year. 

Then the video was uploaded to YouTube where a lot of people watched it. Some of us watched and cried happy tears, others of us had to cover our face in horror ... 


Granted, Pflederer has a beautiful voice, and there are plenty of YouTubers you have gushed over the performance and apparently have a lot of questions (?) about the 'show'.

"We will be doing a Q&A video of the most asked questions for you guys, since we physically can not respond to all of you..." the couple (who wear matching flannel shirts in their profile picture) have written to followers.

As The Gloss points out, it's great to see a confident woman owning her talent with poise, but there's a difference between speaking up and demanding that the world listen.

Guys, there's a fine (not-so-fine) line between adding special touches to your wedding and turning it into a spectacle, right? 

Check out the video and judge for yourself.

- Daily Life