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Last updated 12:27 02/03/2012

I was in Flight Centre the other day paying money towards our friends' honeymoon account Rain 2ahead of their wedding in two weeks, and the lady serving me was asking question about the impending nuptials.

She mentioned she was off to a wedding in Blenheim this weekend and she hoped the weather would be OK.

In the back of my mind I knew early MetService reports were predicting chaos and the helpful lady mentioned this, but for some reason I said "It'll be fiiiine..."

I didn't, of course, mean the weather. I meant the day, the wedding, the marriage.

When picking a venue for our wedding, there was only one major thing I wanted: somewhere that if it was the most terrible rain and wild weather forecast, the location and venue would still be nice.

It was the one thing I wanted.

You see, with all the stresses of weddings; the families coming together, the little details, the big details, the anxiety that builds up as you await something momentous - the one thing I figured I could remove from my list of things to stress about was the weather. And I'd do that by picking a suitable venue.

(As an aside, I excelled so much at picking a venue that we're now marrying in a place where I almost hope it is bad weather because the Plan B location for the ceremony is MORE AMAZING than Plan A. I was almost too efficient!)

I simply don't understand how people planning beautiful, amazing beach, garden or outdoor weddings manage to fool themselves into thinking "everything will be fine, including the weather" and just settle on that.

HOW? How does one do that in this bizarre little country of ours? Rain

More power to you ladies, you're a better person than I because I think the fretting about the weather alone would throw me into an anxious ball on the ground.

I absolutely detest being cold (not to be confused with hating winter, I don't mind any of the seasons, so long as I am suitable attired) and standing around in a skimpy dress in a supposed "summer" awaiting a bride while drizzle messes up my hair and makeup and turns my knees and toes blue is pretty much my idea of not a good time.

I don't imagine any couples would want to inflict that type of situation on their guest.

It's my long-held belief that the saying that "rain on your wedding day means a long and happy marriage" was a brilliant line thought up by some parent-of-the-bride many moons ago to help assist with a hysterical bride-to-be and her escaping carefully applied mascara.

Rain or shine, it really doesn't matter in the long run. Either way, you'll (hopefully) get the deed done and you can look back on the day for what it was.

How have you planned, or do you plan, around the weather for your wedding? Have you been a guest at a wedding where the forces of nature were the first thing you remember about the day?

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Janine   #1   11:41 am Mar 02 2012

While I completely agree with the thoughts behind your guess at how the "Rain on your wedding day is good luck" thing came about - I'm pretty sure it's actually got more to do with rain promoting the growth of crops and the harvest and the parrallels with reproduction and a marridge providing an heir!

k   #2   11:50 am Mar 02 2012

Metservice predicted sun until about 5 days out from my wedding, when they changed their prediction to fog and drizzle. Sure enough, on the day there was very low cloud and drizzle all day. It didn't phase me as we had chosen venues that were not weather dependent, and it wasn't full out rain which would have upset me. But, our venue's view was the sea and it really was not as spectacular without sun. Meant I didn't get any lovely sunset photos either which I still think about every so often. Weirdly enough, when deciding on the date for the big day, we were choosing between two dates that are notorious for being hot sunny days (one was Races day which had had sun for the past 25 yrs or something)...and both days turned out to be wet.

MC   #3   11:53 am Mar 02 2012

I planned an outdoor farm wedding; my wet weather plan was poor at best. It simply was not going to rain.

Early in the planning I was browsing in the bookshop I looked in one of those farmers’ almanacs and it said it was going to rain, but be fine the day before. So I changed the day to the day before. Everyone said I was nuts.

Well almost one year later, I spent the whole week before my wedding on tenterhooks watching as MetService predict a big storm to begin right on my wedding day.

But the almanac was right, and the weather held for the day of my wedding, it was hot, but a bit overcast, the photographer said it was perfect for photos.

The following day (my original wedding day) it completely bucketed down!

LB   #4   11:58 am Mar 02 2012

My sister recently got married on a beach and I couldn't believe they didn't have a proper backup plan! They were actually very lucky and the weather played nice. Have been to 2 other weddings that were supposed to be on the beach but were moved indoors due to rain.

I think you're very sensible in picking a venue that weather wont mess up and I think I would do the same.

Queen   #5   12:23 pm Mar 02 2012

On our wedding day it rained only for the hour that we were supposed to have our ceremony outside. It was blue skies & sun immediately afterwards. Oh well, we just moved the ceremony to our reception venue across the road, no worries at all

sam   #6   12:27 pm Mar 02 2012

we went to Central Otago to get married, the fact that it doesn't rain much there was a factor in chosing the location. There was a snow storm the day before the wedding but clear skys and sunshine on the big day.

Sez   #7   12:48 pm Mar 02 2012

My beautiful bestie is getting married tomorrow and the ceremony is planned for outside. I have been praying the weather will play nice but it's not looking good so far. I think you have to be optimistic though. It's the one aspect you can't control on your wedding day so you have to play whatever hand you are dealt. You still get to be married, you will still be incredibly happy and your guests will still have a good time (so long as you have some kind of backup plan!) We were so lucky on our wedding day in Jan this year, the whole week had been shocking weather but there was only a light shower for about 5 mins after our ceremony and the rest of the day/evening was perfect. We had a backup plan, but yes, it was probably one of the most stressful considerations on the day - constantly looking out the window!

aimee   #8   12:50 pm Mar 02 2012

I could have written this! Everything you said is like a direct quote from me to my partner and various family and friends. The one thing I am insisting on is being able to temperature control the venue. I don't want to have to worry about supplying bus spray and sunscreen for guests, sweating in my dress, guests getting sun stroke, or the flip side, everyone freezing!! So an indoor venue it is. This does limit the guest list somewhat, it's hard to find a cozy intimate feeling vintage-y venue to fit everyone i'd like to be there.

Bud   #9   12:50 pm Mar 02 2012

I'm getting married in a year today! Hope next summer is better than this one.. Although, we have planned a country/coastal wedding in the Wairarapa, and having stayed out there over summer for holidays over the years we have realised that the weather is going to do what it wants, there is no point worrying about it, but you certainly need to have back up options in this country!

Rebecca   #10   12:52 pm Mar 02 2012

My cousin is getting married tomorrow, I am sure they have a back up plan now!

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