Lace, bunting and Pippa's butt

Last updated 10:09 30/04/2012

After the recession, earthquakes, tsunamis, GFC and various other negative things, the royal wedding became a beacon of hope for many last year.

It became something positive, something to celebrate, something joyous, something to raise a glass to.

Here were two young people with their whole futures in front of them, who were partaking in a historic moment that we were allowed to get swept up in to if we so desired.

And I love that about weddings. How the celebration allows everyone to put their own realities, their own hardships, their own bad times on the backburner for once and just BE happy - for the couple, and for the whole concept of love and commitment in general.

I was lucky enough to be one of the hundreds (thousands?) of media to be granted access to the royal wedding a year ago. Royal

Stationed outside Buckingham Palace on Queen Victoria's memorial, I got to witness the comings and goings of the day's festivities and see the traditional balcony kiss - not once, but twice - while the crowd of two million roared. It was, in a word, exceptional. An experience I will never forget.

That day has had a huge effect on weddings since and I thought I'd reflect on a few ways:


I LOVED Kate's dress. Personally it's not for me (too princessey... but she can totally *ahem* get away with that) but that dress has spawned thousands of similar designs and repopularised lace for the first time since Madonna in the 80s. Sleeves are starting to come back in as well (and the anti-strapless dress brigade cheers loudly!), as well as the half-time dress change - well played by both Kate and Wills.

The Pippa buttPippa

"You've got the Pippa butt!," one of my bridesmaid's screamed when I came out of a dressing room wearing a rather slinky (and what I declared to be the "wedding night nightie, raaaooow") wedding dress. I don't - of course - have anything close to resembling a Pippa butt, but this dress did give a certain pertness to my behind so I could see what she meant.

A year ago that phrase wasn't in our lexicon but now one only has to say the name Pippa and we know who you're talking about and precisely what outfit you're referring to.

Simple flowers

When I wasn't admiring Pippa's butt, I was noticing the flowers in her hair - forget-me-nots. [Eds Update: Thanks commentor 'Office Girl' - you're right, they were Lily of the Valley, my bad!] Beautiful, and matched the bridal bouquet. The trend of having quite simple, rustic-like flowers like these, or baby's breath (which I also love) has definitely caught on recently also.

Men in love are hot

Wills made being in love acceptable. Controversial, I know. But in our society, men who declare their love or affection publicly are often ridiculed for being 'soft' or whatever. But here's Will, a man in uniform and with nice teeth (both my weaknesses), declaring his love in front of millions (a billion?) and not being all awkward about it. Nothing sexier than a man who can blush. Especially one who can fly helicopters too!

Coloured stone engagement rings

The fact Wills 'recycled' his late mother's engagement ring to young Kate hasn't sat well with some people but I think it was a huge gesture. It is one of the most famous rings in the world. Ask anyone to draw other famous people's engagement rings and you'd be hard pressed, but this iconic setting has had a resurgence with plenty of variations now available in shops.


When my boss asked me to bring back some royal bunting from the wedding, I thought she was referring to wedding night antics; I had no idea what bunting was.

Turns out those flag that were all throughout London were pretty popular and now - if Pinterest is anything to go by - are popular at weddings now too. I'm considering getting my non-existent sewing skills into shape and knocking some out myself for our "rustic, shabby chic"* affair.

What were your favourite parts of the royal wedding? Have you known anyone to have royal themed weddings since? What effect do you think the royal wedding has had in terms of wedding fads?

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*God I hate how people "label" their weddings but I can see why. So many people have asked me what my "style" or "theme" is for the wedding... 

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viffer   #1   10:15 am Apr 30 2012

Style? Theme?!?

How about, MATRIMONIAL. It's a friggin' wedding, for goodness sake, not a carnival or circus (although I guess the lines are blurred in some instances...)

Clara   #2   10:18 am Apr 30 2012

I LOVED the royal wedding. It was just beautiful! Kate looked stunning, William looked very dashing and of course, Pippa's butt stole the show. I like the idea of bunting at a wedding (or birthday / decorating a child's room etc) as long as it is done well. It is a relatively simple way to decorate, and you can use it again and again :) Simple flowers are also a great idea, keeping things casual is the way to go I think. I was also an anti-strapless bride-to-be as I am blessed with a chest and had never suited boob tubes before. I tried on several (10+) wedding dresses with straps and they just didn't feel right - hugged the cleavage to make it stand out even more (and I'm not so keen on flashing my nips at all the relies thank you very much!) and then they seemed to cling to my jelly belly. I then tried on a strapless Ellen H designed dress and it was perfect! It even came with a lace shrug I could wear later on. Haven't brought it yet as our wedding isn't until next year, but that's the one I'll be getting I think!

The fashion police   #3   10:45 am Apr 30 2012

Nothing wrong with "pricessey" and at least Kate's dress actually looked like a wedding dress (actually it looked like THE wedding dress) unlike those awful un-bridey strapless affairs that have been blotting the landscape for years now, and Clara my dear, if you have not brought your Ellen H dress please, please reconsider (and if you can't reconsider, I guarantee that your perfect dress will look even more perfect with a bolero.

Have fun!   #4   11:05 am Apr 30 2012

@Viffer #1 - We are, in fact, having a carnival themed wedding, and why not?? A wedding is essentially the biggest, most expensive party you'll ever throw, and we want to have a memorable, enjoyable, fun-filled one!

Office Girl   #5   11:09 am Apr 30 2012

Hi Greer, the flowers in Kate's bouquet and in Pippa's hair are lily of the valley, which is a spring flower that has a lovely scent. Just letting you know in case you ask a florist to make you a similiar bouquet :)

Greer McDonald   #6   11:17 am Apr 30 2012

@Office Girl Right you are - thanks for that! Updated the post :)

FW   #7   11:35 am Apr 30 2012

I'm embracing the lace trend (though I would have been going that way anyway, but am pleased that Kate's influence means there are more lace dresses to choose from). My dress is strapless but I purchased extra matching lace to add my own cap sleeves when it arrives - most bridal stores and of course dressmakers will do this for you for a small fee. :-)

Panda   #8   12:20 pm Apr 30 2012

I think a theme makes the wedding actually. It ties it all in nicely. Having a wedding without a theme seems a bit odd to me. A theme can be something as simple as a colour too. Any event planner will tell you that a theme or style is somewhat important.

Steph   #9   12:21 pm Apr 30 2012

I love, love, loved the royal wedding. I watched it 3 times over that weekend! I thought it was beautiful. Kate dress was amazing and suited her so well. I loved that it was lacy and had the sleeves. My mum's wedding dress was very similar (the sleeves, lace & neckline) I also really liked the mini bridesmaids and the wee boys. Such a nice idea to have them aswell as Pippa & Harry.

FDO   #10   02:16 pm Apr 30 2012

Agree about the coloured engagement ring fully. Diamonds - so predictable and cliche! Have sapphires and (little) diamonds myself. Didn't pick it either.

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