Wedding trends I don't understand: Part 2

Last updated 10:32 03/09/2012

A commenter alluded to this week's topic after last week's post in which I'd declared there were a few wedding trends that I couldn't wrap my head around.

I'd already decided that this one needed a post separate from last week's so I'm interested to know what you think.

A colleague sent me this link the other day and I literally sat at my desk shaking my head and saying "Whyyy? Whyyyyyyyyyy?" out loud. (Depending on where you work, might be NSFW, but nothing too bad in there.)

I thought I'd seen or heard of everything (wedding related, that is) but this one was a new one for me: The day-after, sexy time, married couple photos. Day after

Whaaaaa? I may hear you say. Exactly.

So apparently the latest "thing" is to invite a professional photographer to come and capture you and your new husband/wife doing your coupley thing on the first day as a married couple. And by "coupley" I don't mean bitching about who should take out the rubbish, but more like what every married couple is supposed to do on their first day together - lie around wrapped in each other's arms and legs. (Does that EVER happen? I've only ever heard stories of hangovers, fights, and mad rushes to get to some next-day event and carry on the socialising. Where does sexy time fit into that?)

Spew? Yes. Lots of it.

I'm no prude (I'M FROM HAMILTON), but sheesh, this sure would take a rather exhibitionist couple to make it happen. Wouldn't it?

I looked at some of the pics - there's a good gallery here - and I can see how they were (or some have been) inspired by those raaaooooow Armani ads.

In theory, it is a little bit cute. I mean if you both look like hot pieces of ass, you're going to be able to get some smoking hot photos of each other that are a little bit restricted viewing. Now they'd make for some great viewing in years to come.

But I'm not entirely sure who would ever see those pics though; I mean they're hardly the thing to have mounted (pun intended) and hung (pun intended) above the fireplace. Are they?

I imagine waking up the day after our wedding, hoarse voice from talking too much, crazy hair (thanks, hairspray) and doing my best impression of a raccoon with mascara falling down my face because I would have been too tired the night before to take off my makeup. Hardly photogenic. BUT I imagine it will feel AMAZING. I will be a WIFE! Wedding stress will be OVER! Marriage begins NOW! So I can see why you would want to remember that feeling for some time, I'm just not convinced photos are the way.

I'm interested to know - have you or do you plan to do 'day after' boudoir photos? What do you think of this trend - a nice way to remember that feeling on that special day, or just a little bit weird?

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Tim   #1   10:38 am Sep 03 2012

I hear the next trend is inviting a professional photographer when you loose your virginity.

Hanspan   #2   10:47 am Sep 03 2012

Even if I did have a smoking hot bod... If your taking them for the world to see it seems a bit arrogant and even if there just for your own viewing plessure its a bit narcissistic and a waste of money if your having a professional photographer take them. Theres bound to be photos taken the next day but for me no need to be nude or "sexy". Lovey Dovey and clothed at the day after BBQ is fine.

Aaaargh   #3   10:54 am Sep 03 2012

Whatever next. Photos during..? Welcome to the age of narcism.

Moi   #4   10:57 am Sep 03 2012

No. Just, NO.

Joos   #5   10:58 am Sep 03 2012

I got nothing. When I think of my morning afters, all I can picture is a picasso painting. No one needs to see that, let alone for it to be burned forever on film.

Miss M   #6   11:03 am Sep 03 2012

I have looked at the photos, and I have to say, it is a fairly brazen couple and photographer to take photos of the happy couple in the shower! haha... each to their own I guess!!

Pigeon   #7   11:10 am Sep 03 2012

No way. That is Icky (with a capital I!). And whatsmore, after our wedding we were so hyped up that we couldn't sleep, and there is no way I would have been looking anything remotely like my best the next morning!!

The morning after the day before, we got up at 4.30am and went and watched the sunrise over Lake Wakatipu. Just us, no photographer. And it was one of the most amazing moments of the whole thing, cos it was time for just us to be together. Wouldn't change a thing!!

Jellybean   #8   11:11 am Sep 03 2012

WHAT! That's crazy! I preferred spending my morning after ALONE WITH MY HUSBAND!

The idea of inviting a near stranger into our hotel room to take saucy pics makes my head spin.

NO! Get your filthy lens off my hot man!

dee   #9   11:20 am Sep 03 2012

Hahah No! I got married in Oct and you do not look like that the day after! I think that I will just stick with my lovely photos taken with friends and family on the day of the wedding :)

Catherine   #10   11:25 am Sep 03 2012

Perhaps it is more to remind you in years to come when you have multitudes of children, bills for Africa, and the mundane-ness of married life has truly set in (not that there is anything wrong with that! I love my married life with the multitudes of children and bills!) of what that first moment was like??

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