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Last updated 10:20 07/09/2012

I'm puffed as I write this but I feel I need to get it down quickly.

I have just returned from a power walk to pick up my DIY wedding invites from The Big Picture, a little print place here in Wellington.

A lovely person I know had designed our wedding invites for us and I was SO excited to go pick them up. 

I'd bought this pretty paper from Gordon Harris ($100), and due to time constraints (i.e. it's my last days in Wellington!) I neeeeeeeded these invites printed ASAP. Invite

Anyway, the lovely girl there sorted out the invites for me, worked out I needed a bit more paper (which I went and got) and when I went to pick them up 24 hours later, she proudly gave me the stack of printed and wrapped invites, ready to go... but then there was another pile.

It was invites, our invites, on the same paper, but in a different colour design.

Despite my designer's recommendations, I didn't do a test print and just blindly believed that everything would be OK.

Turns out, about three-quarters of the way through the print, this astute worker had noticed the colour wasn't right (It was way different from what displayed on the screen) because of some file-type issue.

So she halted the printing, sourced paper that was almost identical (left over from another wedding apparently!), fixed the file (I don't know what the technical term is for what she did) and had them all printed perfectly - and I was none the wiser.

I just wanted to point something out here. This error was completely 100 per cent my fault. I should have done a test print.

But what I loved about this experience was that the young lady who was helping me out obviously knew that they were wedding invites, and knew I was stressed out and frazzled and going a little bit crazy (hint: don't try to move house alone and change your job while planning a wedding. Not fun).

Instead of calling me and saying "Ummmmmmmm there's been a wee bit of a problem" (cue bridal hysteria down the phone), she used her initiative and solved the problem before I even knew this was a problem.

I said thank you half a dozen times, then walked out (OK, power-walked out, on to my next errand) thinking to myself "Did that just happen?"

I was floored. You know, when you have that customer service experience that just leaves you gobsmacked because you are just so appreciative of someone's good deed? It's the best feeling. And as a stressed out bride-to-be - with just three and a bit months to go - I couldn't have been more in need of a good deed like this.

So Chantal, and Chantal's boss. Thank you. Again.

Have you had a similar good customer service experience while planning your wedding?

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AJ   #1   10:44 am Sep 07 2012

Yay! Fantastic that you've had good service. I'll use The Big Picture if I need to get anything printed for my invitations, and maybe even for some brochures for my small business! It's always good to hear reviews of good businesses that provide awesome service :)

La   #2   11:12 am Sep 07 2012

Ohh I love this. We used The Big Pic too! They halted printing after I called nervously about an incorrect apostrophe. Great service, great price!

Jes   #3   11:13 am Sep 07 2012

I work in Marketing, and so deal with a lot of printers, and you my dear, have encountered a saint! It is a hard job finding a printer that will go the extra mile, and we have worked very hard to find our fav printers that know service is also a requirement in the industry. Good work!! Makes me so happy to see people who do their job right!

M   #4   11:23 am Sep 07 2012

I am moving house and changing jobs and getting married in December so currently planning a wedding - oh no! Too late to take heed of your hint...

HJ   #5   11:26 am Sep 07 2012

Wow, that is amazing, I hope The Big Picture gets a lot of business out of this, I used an online company for my Save the Date, but certainly will head along to Chantel for my invitations!

GeorgieGirl   #6   11:33 am Sep 07 2012

I've used Big Picture a few times for invitations to things and they are always the most competitively priced and are super helpful. I've stopped bothering to get quotes from other places now.

Anne   #7   11:41 am Sep 07 2012

Why not use a Facebook event? It would save money and trees!

CB   #8   11:46 am Sep 07 2012

another awesome article Gee Gee. I hope Bigpicture read this too and hook you up with some sweet perks from your great advertising ;) I bet they will be flushed with business now. xx

august   #9   11:58 am Sep 07 2012

Anne #7, Great uncle Dave and Great Aunt Hermione may not be avid facebook users and printing one invetation would be somewhat expensive.

save the trees and your wallet   #10   11:59 am Sep 07 2012

Why not make a pdf and just email your invites? Then people can print them off if they want to.

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