Wedding woe: Beating the boredom

Morning folks! How are we out there?

I feel like I'm neck-deep in all things wedding at the moment as I don my bridesmaid hat and help prepare one of my oldest and favourite friends to walk down the aisle this weekend (Eeeeeeee!). It's certainly put in to perspective how much I still have to plan in the next three months and what a stunning job she has done at pulling everything together. Virgos, unite.

Today's wedding woe comes from Jess and Ben (Cute, both of them!), who ask:

Hi Greer

We were discussing ways to ensure that our wedding wouldn't be boring, we'd hate for guests to travel so far and then get bored, I know there's a few things we can do such as keeping the time for photos short, making sure there's lots of food and drink and good music, but just wondering if your readers had any other ideas on how to make sure your wedding and reception aren't boring.


Jess and Ben


Ah yes, the boredom factor.

Now while some may say "it's a wedding, not a bloody sideshow", there is still an element of ensuring that the day/night doesn't feature any yawn-inducing lulls as you do want guests to enjoy themselves. It is SUCH a long day (well, it can be) so it can be important to make sure things tick along at a steady pace.

There are a few ways you can help try to alleviate any 'boring' time. Here are my ideas:


This has to be the number one best ice-breaker, time-waster, entertainment feature at a wedding these days, I reckon. The best thing about the photobooth is that it fills in that gap where you might be off taking photos. It gives something for guests to focus on and interact with, and also acts as a good way to get guests mingling together instead of standing on opposite sides of the room.

Just make sure you have a good MC who can ensure people push through their shyness boundaries and actually make use of it. I can't wait to get some photos in ours. Is there anything more dashing that a bride in a feather boa? I think not.

Lawn games

Our venue is set on a lovely big homestead with nice gardens and lawn areas for games like tennis, petanque and croquet. It's also a brilliant set up for backyard cricket which - being a huge cricket fan - I'm kind of jealous I probably won't get time to have a wee hit or bowl while in my wedding dress. But we'll see. There are also outfits like this supplying games, including giant jenga or Connect 4. If you have the space and a crowd that you think would get amongst it, this could be a bit of fun.

I Spy/Bingo 

This is something I've seen a bit of on Pintrest and Etsy and the like. Some are more naff than others but some are quite cute and it's a nice interactive way to get guests mingling (especially if they have to find certain people i.e. "Find the groom's oldest friend who was born on the same day as him" or something like that).

Hired entertainment - e.g. a balloon person for kids

OK, so I'd never personally hire a balloon guy (balloons creep me out!) but I can see the advantages in hiring people to cater for groups like kiddies - or the young at heart. If you have a particularly talented friend, why not invite them to do some type of entertainment to fill the gaps?

These are just a couple of ideas. What are your best boredom busters for a wedding? Any that you've used, seen or are planning to get?

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