Wedding woe: what to wear under there

19:27, Nov 14 2012

Today's wedding woe - like many others - has popped up at just the right time in my journey as well, as I find myself pondering the same things.

Jules asks:

Hi Greer

First of all I love reading your blog! It's so down to earth compared to some of the bridal magazines, and its great to be able to follow you through your planning journey.

My wedding woe is to do with underwear! To me this is the most important item of clothing after my dress and, with mine arriving in a few weeks' time, I have started looking desperately for some appropriate undergarments for my slim-fitting gown. Most of the bridal stores I have been into (including that which my dress has been purchased from) seem to stock only shorter length corset/torsolettes that stopped at my belly button - not good for a girl with hips! My gown does have straps so am not restricted in that sense, but it is quite fitted from the bust to mid-thigh, so I need something longline or seamless. Can you recommend somewhere - anywhere - to look? Anyone with an hourglass figure or a fitted dress surely must have this same problem or am I completely alone in this? 




First up, torsolettes? Um, awesome. I love learning new words and that is definitely today's one.

I too am dealing with this drama about what to wear under The Dress.

Being the queen of what I like to call "Bridget Jones's undies" aka spanx aka sucky-inny-pants, and also having 'dem hips like yourself, I have been trying to come up with a solution of what I will wear under my dress on the big day.

The main issues:

Roll up: I have one of those skirt sucky-in thing undergarments but the bloody thing rolls up as you walk along, I've found, so I'm ruling that out first off.

VPL: The next option from the above is the "undie" variety but I've found they can also be quite uncomfortable as you need them tight to do the job, but you also need circulation in your legs. Allegedly.

Ugliness: In the movies (ah yes, in the movies), women on their wedding night are always wearing the most beautiful and impractical undies and bras that their partner delicately (?) rips off her once they get to their wedding night accommodation. Notwithstanding that the bodice-ripping scenario is in the minority, we've decided (something like 80 per cent of wedding nights aren't consummated), the beautiful undergarments are often impractical or just pretty and serve no purpose whatsoever so there's not much point to those when you actually need support. I'm not keen to wear big frou frou ugly knickers under my dress that will require more than three people to wrangle off me (how awkward would that be?) so I'm not sure how I'll find "pretty" support garments? DO THEY EXIST?

Buying before you try: I've found some solutions online - such as corsets that start under your boobs and go down past the dreaded below-tummy-button-pooch that I have to tuck into my jeans. Problem with them? I'm yet to find anywhere that stocks them in NZ and most of them are online. To me that's a bit of a risk to buy (they can range in price but many are around $50 to $100) because I quite simply don't imagine I'll wear them again.

Build it in: My dress is, le sigh, back at the dressmakers again but a different one this time. It's still too big so I am going to ask for it to be made so-damned-tight that the dress actually does the supporting, rather than the undergarments. This way I could get away with not wearing a bra (whoop!) and also maybe even wearing so cute lil' undies that won't look like a parachute.

Anyone got any ideas for undergarments? Any solutions for mine and Jules' situation?

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