Advice from my bridesmaid

19:45, Oct 11 2012

I have a small but perfectly formed group of girlfriends, whose advice and love I really appreciate.

A couple of weeks ago, as I've mentioned a few dozen times, one of my besties got married to her bestie. (You can see some photos from the wedding here. Dare you NOT to be amazed at the setting. Beautiful, eh? That's me down there, frou-frou'ing the poofy dress. She looks so amazing!)

We are completely different types of bride; she's pink and pretty princess, I'm a bit more rustic chic geek... but I have to say, I learned a lot from her wedding. So I asked her to write it down, and maybe you'll take something away from it too.

Advice for brides to be - Tammee Wilson 

Last month I got married and it truly is the best day of your lives - hands down!

Leading up to the wedding I stressed about all sorts of things, like would my family behave, the cost, do we have enough food and alcohol and the weather - but as it turns out 99.9 per cent of things turned out perfect and we had a lovely sunny spring day!


A few tips for brides:

Don't cut the guest list:

Looking back, my husband and I are so glad we didn't cut our guest list just to make the day cheaper.

We had about 120 guests and we were so pleased we invited them all. Somewhere in our lives they had all made an impact on us and we were so happy to have them all there.

Have amazing photographers/videographers:

My husband was having a meltdown over the cost of these two things alone and now he tells me how stoked he was we had them both!

I think having wonderful suppliers/bridal party also helps in the lead-up, I had the most amazing suppliers who went above and beyond and nothing was a problem, and if there was a problem they fixed it and I didn't even know.

Try not to be late on the day:

I was late but this was out of my control slightly and it worried my husband. It also stressed me out - I'm a Virgo and I hate being late!

Take everything in and just enjoy the moment!

Don't try and rush around talking to everyone - they will come to you and be prepared that this day is ALL about you and everyone will have their eyes on you. I mean of course this day is about you both but if you're not used to having people stare at you all day it can be very overwhelming.

Just breathe and have fun, you only get this day once!

After the wedding you are still on a high and we spent the first three days of our honeymoon going over and over the day, laughing about this and that - like when he went in for the kiss at the ceremony at the wrong time and I said "No no, not yet!" We had our guests in fits of laughter!

But the sad realisation is that all that planning you have been doing for 18-plus months is over... just like that! My husband enjoyed our day so much he asked if we could get married every weekend.

I didn't really think I would feel any different after been married but I do - I feel even closer to my one true love, if that is at all possible.

Have you gained any advice from your bridal party or those who have walked down the aisle just before you?

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