What to do with furbabies?

22:13, Oct 18 2012

We have a new family member. Meet Thor.

This eight-week-old mini Foxy/mini Schnauzer is our new little baby and already after having him for just a few days, we can't really remember a life without him (lots of cutes, also lots of poos and wees).

The same day we got him, Beyonce asked if Thor would be coming to the wedding.

"Of course!" I said, without really thinking about it.

I envisaged him with a little bow tie around his furry neck, being all adorable and posing in photos like the angelic dog that he is.


Err, yeah I kinda forgot the poos and wees, the crying when he's scared, the need to feed and water him etc. Gah, it'll be like having a kid. 

So what to do? I definitely want some photos with him on the day. And we're staying at our venue the day before and night of, so it will be our "home" for three-odd days.

I'm thinking of appointing some "puppy-sitters" - people who I know will keep an eye on him and make sure he's fed, watered and generally happy.

I also might arrange for him to stay with friends/family in the area if he does get a bit high maintenance.

Now to decide if we want the little guy to play a big role.

We've already decided we're not going to make him a ring bearer. Yes, it'd be cute as, but we can just imagine him hooning off into the sunset with our symbols of love still tied to his collar. Recipe for disaster.

I like some of the little accessories and ideas here.

I don't think I'd put him in a full suit (as Beyonce says, "The boys would never let me hear the end of that one") but also it's not practical - especially if it's roaring hot.

I'd love to have a little corsage attached to his collar but I think that would last all of five seconds before he scratched it off.

A little bow tie, maybe? Totally doable.

I'd love to know how you guys included or plan to include your furbabies in your wedding? Did you do something special, or leave them out of festivities? I can see both sides...

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