Last-minute dress regret

22:01, Oct 28 2012

So remember how aaages ago I said I found my dress but it needed alterations etc.

Yeah, well... they got done, and I'm pretty sure they're all good.

There's just one slight problem.

I've since moved city and my dress is now more than 140km away, in the shop that did the alterations. 

Most brides, I assume, would be fizzing to get their bridezilla paws on the dress; to try it on over and over, to match it with their accessories, to show it to some special people (or just dress up in it alone to get "used" to it).

Me? Um. I kind of keep forgetting about it. When I got the dress, I did a mental "tick" in my head and then promptly forgot about it.


Now it's time (actually, that was probably a while ago) to get accessories (think shoes, veils and so on), I'm thinking it might actually be quite beneficial to have said dress on me.

But something keeps holding me back and it's taken a while for me to work out what it is but I think I've nailed it: I'm scared I won't like it anymore. And then what?

I've raised this conundrum with a few people and most have been able to relay me an (apparently) quite common side effect - the blimmin bride goes and buys another dress a couple of days or weeks before the big day.

Some even buy more than that again - unable to imagine which dress they'll "feel" like wearing on the big day.


I really don't want to be that person. Like, really, really.

So instead, I'm just sitting here... waiting it out. Almost forcing myself to not pick up the dress until the very last potential moment so that I can't change my mind.

I'm resisting reading any more wedding material for fear of seeing a bride wearing something that I fall in love with, something I simplymusthave.

But I will get around to picking up that dress... eventually. 


Has anyone else done this? Just had a total freakout, wondering if you even like the dress anymore?
I guess I just know in my bones that it'll be fine on the day... I'm just worried about the days between then and now.

Have you or someone you known switched their dress at the last minute? Anyone had this weirdo reaction to a silly few bits of fabric?

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