Saying thank you with... gifts

As if wedding days aren't expensive enough, then comes the gift giving.

Not the registry kind or the ones guests may give to the happy couple, but the giving of gifts from us - the soon-to-be-weds - to some of the important people of the day.

We are so thankful for so many people who are making our wedding day what it will be. I'll dedicate a blog post to them maybe after the event. 

Truth be told, I've seen a tonne of gifts I would love to shower our loved ones with - but it's just not practical. 

Most wedding mags list on their epic "to-do" check sheets that buying gifts for your bridal party, your parents and each other is a crucial aspect wedged between your final dress fitting and printing off menus and programmes.
Not everyone does it and I certainly don't think it is a "must", but for those who chose to do this, I'd like some advice.


The bridal party is pretty self-explanatory and most people do take part in this tradition on varying levels.

Usually the bride gives her girls (or guys) a piece of jewellery or a small keepsake token that they use on the day (such as a necklace).

The groom usually gets his guys something - cufflinks or something personal that they'll keep as a reminder of the day. Beyonce has already got his guys something - he's more organised that me! (even though I bought them) - but I'd love to get something a bit different, something interesting and quirky.

I spend hours trawling Etsy and looking at all the awesome gifts; oh, the fun I would have if money was of no concern!


Then there are gifts for our parents. It's a no-brainer that we'd like to get them something nice as a thankyou for all their love and support - but what?!

We've had a couple of ideas, and they'll probably get some nice wedding photos out of it (lots of photographers put together special "parent" albums), but what for the big day?

Parents are usually so hard to buy for because they generally have everything they need and want, so it's more about the sentimentality of the gift.

I would really like to get my craft on and make something but I can't help but thinking my days of macaroni glued to a fingerpainted masterpiece are gone and will leave the parentals less than impressed.

What are some other ideas for keepsakes for them?


Then, hardest of all, for me at least, is what to get Beyonce. (Yes, yes I know the greatest gift he'll get is me but come on...)

Bless him, he's one of those guys who if he wants something, he'll go out and get it.

I would love to get him something as a surprise that was meaningful but awesome, fun but serious, quality but not requiring of me to hand over a kidney as payment.

Impossible? It sure feels like it right now. All ideas welcome!

In return, I'm not fussed on a gift actually. I think it's a slightly odd tradition - but I wouldn't say no to a handwritten letter; they're among my precious things.

What gifts have you given or received on wedding days? Any ideas for these special people in our lives?

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