Wedding woe: The wedding planner

TGIF! I am loving Fridays so much at the moment, even though they're a reminder that I've only got a couple of weeks to go before The Big Day. DUN-DUN. (Even writing that gives me waves of wedding-related anxiety.)

Beyonce is taking great delight in waking me up each morning saying "25 days!"... "24 days"... like a kid before Christmas. Bless.

Anyway, here's today's wedding woe

Hi Greer,

Your blog is a life saver, your comments and your readers' responses and advice have given me several ideas for my wedding in a few months' time. 

I want to get a day-of wedding coordinator, but havent had any luck finding one in the Wellington region. Do they exist? Or do I have to rely on a friend or family member to take on this role? Please help!

We are (fingers crossed) having an afternoon outdoor ceremony at a local park with food, drink and games, before heading to an indoor venue for the reception later on. Given there will be quite a bit of setup and packdown to do at the park (chairs, tables, food, games, arch etc.), I have been trawling the internet to try and find an on-the-day wedding coordinator that could help with the organisation of this and have had no luck at all. I have also been racking my brain for how to go about doing this as smoothly and stress free as possible without having to rely on family members. I know my family would be more than happy to do it, that is not a problem, I would just rather allow them to enjoy the day without having to worry about a thing or missing part of the reception because they were too busy clearing everything out of the park.

Is it rude to ask uninvited friends if they can be there on the day to do the set up and pack down? What are your thoughts on this, does anyone out there know of wedding coordinators in the Wellington region that will just do day-of coordination, or how have you gone about the set up and pack away of everything on the day?

Greer, I wish you all the best for your up and coming wedding.


First, thanks for your good wishes! It certainly feels as though we're actually getting married now, which is great after a year of thinking I had ages to plan.

I get what you mean about needing help from certain people for certain jobs.

I think you have a couple of options and these are just my opinions on them!

Wedding planner

Definitely the most expensive of the options and unless you can get one recommended to you by someone you trust, I'd be loath to say this will solve all of your problems but it may.

As it sounds as though your wedding is not trying to rival Kim Kardash's extravaganza, hiring a professional just for this small part of your day may be overkill.

Hire randoms

You could always use Student Job Search or hire some people who are after casual work. The only issue I'd have with this is I'm a bit OCD so you'd need to trust that they'd do the job for you and to the standard you expect.

Ask uninvited friends

No-fricking-way. Honestly. No way.

Think about it: How would you feel if a mate asked you to do a similar job.

"Heya, so umm you're not that good of a mate that you're on the guest list but would you mind taking a couple of hours out of your day to help me set up MY day?"

Er, no. Just no.

Family and friends

I honestly think this is the way to go. Family especially know that they have a role to play in the day to ensure everything goes smoothly for you.

They will enjoy helping you out because they want the best for you so they'll do everything they can. They're free, they're there anyway and they will be honoured to assist you.

If you were having an MC, this would be the type of situation that they would help coordinate. They'd corner the buffest-looking men to lift heavy stuff and you're sorted.

I think you'll find having everyone who loves you around you means things will run smoother than you're anticipating.

Any other advice for this bride-to-be?

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