Wedding woe: Post-wedding depression

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Just thought of another topic for you, that I've been hearing about and is starting to freak me out a bit is...

PWD or Post Wedding Depression. Sounds very dramatic but I can understand why it might happen to some people  (myself included) to go from spending months, weeks and days planning your wedding to not having anything to plan could put you in a bit of a rut. I suppose its just a matter of remembering all those things you used to do before the wedding consumed all your time, what did I used to Google before I was engaged?

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I've heard a few people discuss this issue and I know some people who have been through it as well (but for me personally, I can't wait to reclaim back that part of my brain currently occupied by all things wedding related).

I think the answer can be a few things. Here are my most obvious potentially Google-able topics:


It seems (and is) obvious but the pressure placed on some couples to go to the next step before the paint has even dried on their current step (so to speak) is enormous.

Even if you're not planning on kids, I'm pretty sure most women suffering PWD end up Googling more about pregnancy, even if only to know what the fuss is about and why everyone won't stop talking to them about it. Or maybe just to check out the meanings of names for your hypothetical children.


So, you've become really good at projects after planning your wedding. Take it a step further and take on a just-as-huge commitment of a house. Whether it's buying, renting or just moving, Googling houses can whittle away the hours pretty fast.

Get crafty

A lot of people I know really got in to their DIY during their wedding plans, and some continue with it to the point that it actually becomes a hobby. You could consider this as an option.

More weddings

No, I'm not suggesting you get a quickie divorce so you can remarry and go through the whole she-bang again. But you could always put the things you've learnt into practice by helping out a friend or family member with their wedding plans. It's like being an auntie - all care and no responsibility. You get all the fun of planning, without the stress of the actual day being all about you.


Go and take a holiday. Unwind. Just remember: there was a time once when you weren't obsessing over weddings, so normality will be reclaimed again. Soon. Hopefully.

What are your suggestions on how to deal with PWD? 

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