How to avoid a makeup disaster

I'm getting married next week. Even as the words appear on my screen, the reality still hasn't sunk in.

It feels like what it's like before a big birthday or milestone. Everything's punctuated with "last time I do such-and-such before..." etc and I have to say the excitement slash yearning to vom frequently* is certainly building.

So much so I pretty much feel I have nothing to blog about. I mean, I am certainly dealing with lots of issues (do the wedding nightmares/dreams end the day after? How does one write a programme about the order of events if it's so dependent on weather? How do you politely tell people you DON'T need any help while simultaneously getting lost in the thoughts of all the mental lists you're making and wishing little fairies would do everything? How many times is it OK to refresh the MetService website's long-range forecast even though you know nothing is certain until two to three days before?). 

Truth is I'm not so much nervous as I am excited. I think.

The one thing I am really nervous about, though, is my makeup.

Anyone who knows me knows I barely answer the phone without having a full face on. If you were a psychologist, you'd say I use it as my security blanket or a mask to protect me from the world or whatever mumbo-jumbo you want to put on it. But the fact is, I like my makeup and it's fair to say I was nervous when I went for my trial last week.

First, what a bloody good idea that was.

Seriously. If you haven't booked a makeup trial ahead of your wedding, DO IT NOW.

I had a hair trial first, which made me almost a bit teary. For the first time I had a picture of what I might look like on my wedding day and it all made it a bit real.

While my hair was all done and looking nice, I ventured to get my makeup done an hour later.

Now the only requirements I gave to this poor girl were that I didn't want to look like a drag queen (so no bright blues or pinks or weird eyeshadow colours considering I rarely wear the stuff) and thick foundation to cover up all my scars and discoloration and so that it has the best chance to stay on all day.

I must use industrial-strength foundation because I wasn't really feeling my prettiest after this trial. I should have known there may have been issues after I was bridesmaid a few months back and noticed the foundation used didn't really do anything for me at all.

The makeup artist sensed my discomfort. "This is the thickest stuff we've got!" she exclaimed. Not good enough, I thought to myself. I. Felt. Ugly.

And so she suggested that on the day, we'll use my foundation to ensure I'm comfortable. I can now see why there are rumours that Kate Middleton did her own wedding makeup! Making sure you feel amazing is the key to a good wedding day - and quite frankly I don't think any makeup artist could put me 100 per cent at ease.

So it's going to involve a bit of teamwork - but we'll give it a go. I'm just glad I found this out before the big day, otherwise there could have been tears...

How did you get on, or are you getting on, with your wedding day makeup plans? Any tips or tricks - or horror stories?

* No, I'm not pregnant.

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