It's like rain on your wedding day

20:06, Dec 12 2012

I always knew there would come a time before the wedding where I threw my hands up in the air, sighed, and admitted a defeat - of sorts - and where I acknowledged I had lost the plot.

That moment, dear blog reader, happened yesterday.

There I was, on MetService's (new-fandangled) website, checking out the 10-day forecast* (it's not looking good, folks) when I emailed one of my bridesmaids.

Eek, weather looking a bit poos, I wrote.

What's Ken Ring say? She responded.

Ah yes, Ken Ring. Everyone's love-him-or-hate-him man. Let's not descend in to your personal feelings about him, but I know I did scoff at this bridesmaid when she admitted to me moooonths ago that she'd bought a report online from him to check out the weather for her wedding day. 


She got married in September in Hamilton, which is notorious for one thing: rain. The report came back and said it would be a clear day and the weather would be fine.

I remember thinking at the time, "Gosh I hope he's right," because it's a pretty cruel thing to do to capitalise on people's worries. Imagine if it had been hailing and the report was 100 per cent wrong? Talk about dashing someone's dreams.

Anyway. All of the above came to fruition when she said his report was completely right (yes, naysayers, that means he won the 50/50 "it might rain/it might not" lottery), and I thought, what the hell.

So I ordered a weather report for next week - partly out of curiosity, partly for the amusement factor and partly out of desperation to attempt to control the one single thing I have no control over. Pathetic, eh.  

The results came in - the day is supposed to provide "light showers", with a high between 22 and 28C, and a low of between 4 and 9C.  The day before looks (predictably) nicer, but then I noticed a little disclaimer: "Please allow 24 hours error and 80-100km geographically."

Riiiiiiighteoooo then. Typical four-seasons-in-one-day weather it is!

To be completely honest, I'm not in a huge flap over the weather - I don't mind if it rains or isn't absolutely perfect - but I would just like to know. I would give a lot more than $13 for someone just to say what the weather will be so I can plan accordingly and make sure I have a cardie or something to keep warm, or know if I should even picture my outdoor wedding location in my head or just not bother.

Way back in March (remember then? I don't), I blogged about how people didn't prepare for weather when planning their wedding. So re-reading this post actually made me feel a bit better - and reminded me how stoked I was to pick a venue that catered for all seasons. 

Oh well, I shall leave mother nature to it and next week we can see just how right MetService and Ken Ring are...

* Yes, I know it is only computer modelled and not reliable until about three days out, but still.

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