Ready or knot: This is it

Ready or knot, I'm getting married this week and I have to say, it is the strangest sensation.

For whatever reason (OK, I know the reason, I don't have any leave), I am at work until Wednesday afternoon, whereupon I will clock-out of the newsroom as Greer McDonald for the last time. Eep. (My new email alias is already set up - how eager am I?!)

A few people were shocked to know I was working this week. "But you must have so much to dooooo!" they chimed. And yes, there are a few things to do. Quite a few, in fact. 

But that's the annoying thing; you can plan and plan and plan but there are some things you quite literally can't do until the last minute. And even then things change.

We've had guests who couldn't come, now able to come. Some who were coming, no longer coming. Some who may still come, but due to unforeseen circumstances don't know how they'll be on the day.

It's all good though, and part of the nature of trying to coordinate such a day.

For Beyonce and me, well - we can't wipe the smile off our faces. We are, quite literally, beaming at the prospect of a little bit of brightness in our lives after what has been a really dark year.

The nicest thing about it being so close now is that there is no more time to second guess things (wedding stuff, not the "should I be getting married?" part!), no more time to cruise Pinterest for ideas, no more time to daydream. Reality is upon us - and I can't wait for it to be over! (In a good way!)

I feel I still have so many topics to write about but I've literally run out of time so I thought I would just say a quick hoo-roo before I really nail down into wedding madness.

I just wanted to thank you all for the lovely emails and comments, support and advice that you've given me over the past year.

Take this email from Toni I got the other day: (I'm not ashamed to say I thought it was hate-mail at first...)

Hi Greer, My wedding woe is one that I suspect I am not alone in having.  I get married next month and the problem  If you're getting married very soon, what am I to read for pre-wedding entertainment? Please help.

How cute are you, Toni?

That email was just a slice of awesome feedback I've received and it has been fabulous to get to know you guys as you travel down your various paths.

Like most things in life, it has been humbling and comforting to know I am not the only person who experiences certain thoughts or feelings toward weddings, and I have loved being challenged on my opinions and blog post topics. 

I never thought this blog about weddings would be one of the most-read blogs in the country - and I love how just as many blokes seem to read it as ladies! So thank you for reading.

Instead of boring you all with how married life is, I'll post a couple of times in the New Year about how our day went and any other helpful things I picked up along the way.

Then I shall oh-so-casually slip away into regional army-wife life, and think up an idea for a new blog. (Yes I know what you're thinking. It doesn't need to be said, trust me.)

In the meantime, tell me how you did or plan to spend the week before your wedding. Were you running around like a headless chook or experiencing zen-like calmness? Did you have last-minute guest list changes? 

What topics would you still like to see discussed or covered? What have been your favourite discussions?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you lovelies - and for those getting married over the next couple of weeks: LET'S PARTY!

And to my darling future husband-in-a-matter-of-days: Thank you for letting me share our journey with the people of the internet. I know you knew what you were signing up for, but your steadfast support, generous sense of humour and offers to beat up the trolls have been awesome. I'm glad to have you on my team <3

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