The post-wedding bulge

As my hand hovered over the delicious offerings at our workplace morning tea last week, I joked with my boss about which of the treats had the calories removed.

"Are any of these Weight Watchers approved?", I laughed. Only for another colleague to remind me that I was married now, so I could stack on all the weight I wanted. 

Agghhh I hate this! I've had a number of comments in the same vein to this and I have to say I find it nothing short of offensive. Yes, sometimes it's jokey and funny, but sometimes it's actually not that funny at all (especially if one is having a "fat day" so already feeling pretty blurgh).

"Oooh, you can let yourself go now you lucky thing!", people say. Honestly, what?!

I didn't diet before the wedding. (Stress, it turned out, was my best friend last year and I did lose about eight kgs all the while drinking a fair bit of alcohol and munching on chips and dip. It needed to come off for me to be a healthier weight though). But now that I've returned from Christmas and a New Year that saw me eat at an eye-wateringly expensive buffet of French delicacies, the jeans are feeling a bit tight.

While everyone says that a wedding acts as a good motivator to shape up, for me, being married to someone is more of a motivator to be as fit and healthy as I can be.

We are, more than ever, a team now and part of being a team is doing what you can to be a good team member. I owe it to Mr Greer to live a healthy life and be happy with myself.

If anything, I actually feel more social pressure now regarding my weight than I did leading up to the wedding.

I feel like those around me are carefully watching the pounds pile on as I roll around in my happy fat like an over-fed Labrador on a mat in front of a fire.

In this piece, it lists the reasons why newlyweds are known to gain weight - some of which I agree with, others not so much.

But it's worth noting whatever the reasons, this post-wedding flab thing is an actual thing. (And don't get me started on the other weight gain pressure after a wedding - in the form of a wriggly little mini human...)

Let me stress this isn't about weight. I'm more interested in the psychology behind being healthy and the decisions we make and their consequences. There is no one-size-fits-all ('scuse the pun) and it's not about staying "skinny" (whatever that is) for your partner, but more about people's expectations and reality. 

Did you gain weight after your wedding?  Have you or do you expect to face similar comments from people around you?

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