Wedding woe: Photo fail

Here's today's wedding woe. M writes:

Hi Greer, I have a wedding woe, we just got married, coming up two weeks ago.

We have a bit of post-blow depression (typical we are sure) - however, we have been ruminating on some things a little, like that the photographer missed getting pics we would have liked with our parents - we thought they were sort of "must do's" and that he would just do them without us requesting them.

In the business of the day, we forgot to ask for some like this, and now go "oh we didn't get a shot of bride with her parents etc."

Is this common? Should we have been super-prescriptive with what shots we wanted? Are others? Now we are left with hardly any of our parents :( And should we just get over it and not cut ourselves up about things like this! 


First, congrats! I totally understand what you mean about the post-wedding funk but I'm assured it goes away eventually! 

Second, I would have thought that most photographers would have asked you about any specific photos you did or didn't want.

For example, I wanted certain photos (e.g. those "standard" family shots you mentioned) and Mr Greer didn't want "any of those dumb jumping shots" with him and the groomsmen. Ha!

We emailed a list of these shots - Couple + bride's family, couple + journalist friends etc - and let the photographer take the lead on the day in arranging when and where we did those photos. (In saying that, there were a couple of combos I forgot and would have liked, but that was my fault!)

In defence of your photographer, I'm assuming you haven't seen your photos yet? Just because you may not have had the bog-standard husband-and-wife-with-bride's-parents-standing-on-either-side photo, it doesn't mean there isn't the most stunning photo of your parents and you from the day. 

Remember, the best photographers (I think) are the ones who snap photos that you aren't even aware of at the time; they capture that moment - whether it's your Dad wiping away a tear or your Mum busting a move on the dancefloor, I'm sure they wouldn't have missed your folks out completely.

You will get hundreds of photos (I am guessing?) and I think the time to worry is when you don't like the ones you're served up. But you picked that photographer for a reason - so I'm sure there will be many that you love!

In the words of my mother, "Don't panic, panic slowly." I'm still not really sure what that means, but take from it what you will.

If you get the photos back and you are really cut up about not having a nice one of you two and your parents, just arrange to have a family photo shoot and you'll have plenty to choose from!

You can't rewind time and change those specifics - but don't forget how you FELT on your wedding day. Photo or not of one millisecond of what is such a big day, don't let your panic over something so small outweigh what was a very special event for you, your families and friends.

Did you or do you plan on writing a list of the photo combos you want ticked off on your wedding day? Had any photo regrets after the wedding?

(P.s. Our teasey-mcteasey photographer posted up a couple of more shots from our day if you'd like a peek)

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