Our epic wedding film

22:18, Jan 31 2013

"Who do you think you are? A celebrity or something? Having a videographer at your wedding is a bit posh," someone close to me said.

Having spent a lot of time looking through wedding websites, it was clear that hiring a videographer (and not just asking drunk Uncle Roger on his Handycam) was becoming A Thing. And I could see why. I've said before how I would roar with tears watching complete strangers' weddings - so how would I get on watching my own? 

Well, yesterday, I got to find out.


VIEW GREER'S WEDDING VIDEO HERE (Warning: Mr Greer's aunt said it best when she said there should be a new movie rating - 'T' for tissues required - if you're a sop, like me.)



Already clogged up with snot and lurgy from my summer flu (what is UP with that? I feel so ripped off!), Mr Greer and I sat down and watched our wedding highlights film, made by the incredible Jono Tucker

We cried, we laughed, and at the end, Mr Greer said "It's over. We're married!" It certainly felt as though we'd lived the day all over again and that same post-wedding feeling swept over us. 

I was nervous knowing this video would be available to the public. As you'll see, it was an intensely private day full of very real emotion - but nothing's really private these days, is it?

Feedback from our friends and family - especially the ones who couldn't make it to the big day - has been incredible. That's what we wanted; for people who matter to feel as though they were there, and for those who were there to see a true representation of the day they were involved in.

Our friends at BubbleRock also summed it up in this lovely tweet: "If this doesn't make you want a film for your wedding: NOTHING ever will. This is perfect." (For us it just made us want to do it all over again!)

Maybe you'll choose to have your day filmed, maybe you won't. It doesn't matter. It's your day. But we do not regret our decision whatsoever. We didn't even really notice the videographers as they moved around us during the day - which is the best part when watching it back again.

Anyway, I hope our story touches you in some way - even if it just makes you smile at my geeky facial gestures and inability to take anything too seriously. Memories are all we have, and these ones are pretty precious to us. As Hugh Hefner's piece of fluff tweeted this morning: "You'll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory." Not her words, obvioulsy, but fitting nonetheless. 

Happy Friday folks! x

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