Wedding woe: Preparing for disaster

22:07, Feb 14 2013

More than 4,000 view. Whoa. Craziness. Thanks for all your amazing feedback - it's made me tear up (again and again).

Happy Friday! Here's another wedding woe:

K asks:

Hi Greer,


Big congrats! You both looked wonderful :)

My wedding woe is a location related one. We have our venue and we love it (and it's sort of remote) and it occurred to me today the thought of a backup venue, when I heard the road to our site was closed due to the flooding from the rain we had yesterday.

Crap! I thought. What if that happens on our wedding day! (Next Jan.) Weather in NZ, particularly Wellington is so unpredictable, but how anal-retentive does one have to be to have a backup? Shall I get a backup photographer in case she gets very, very sick? A back-up caterer in case they all get food poisoning???

Be good to hear what other people may have done in other situations (or would do).

Cheers x


You know what, I totally had the same thoughts as you.

When reading over contracts I had with vendors, many of them had a clause that read for any circumstances where they were unable to attend your wedding (kinda crucial for things like photographers, and the like), then they'll provide a replacement.

My heart skipped a few beats when I read this as I suddenly had visions of my photographer being trapped by a snowstorm in Dunedin or a caterer in hospital with appendicitis or something.

Life is life, and things happen often at the most annoying of times. I often wondered (and still do!) how vendors cope when something completely out of their control leaves them between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the wedding day.

What I learnt was there is where hiring professionals comes into play. Professionals plan for the worst case. If, for example, they needed to call in someone else to cover them - then they have a trusted circle of people that they can call upon to help out. They do it for others, and the circle kind of goes around like that.

Because I knew this, and I'd seen it in action at other weddings, I relaxed a lot more and realised that these things were simply out of my control and I was best to fuss over things I could actually change and influence.

I think you'll find that while the worst can happen (like you said about the weather), things WILL be OK in the end. I don't think you need to hire back-ups.  

If you've already booked your venue, I would assume you've paid a deposit that would wouldn't get back if you decided to change venue.

The issue being - you LOVE that venue! And you simply won't know if the road was going to be blocked on your wedding day. One would hope that they've learnt their lessons and the council have made the area less likely to be prone to slips.

Anyway, if you did change your venue, it wouldn't ensure smooth sailing. Flights get cancelled, people get sick, and life gets in the way of life.

Best to plan for the worst and hope for the best. But don't get too carried away with that first bit where you forget to do the second part!

Do you have any advice for K? Did you or do you plan on hiring 'back up' vendors? 

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