What to do with the dress?

23:46, Feb 11 2013

I quite liked my wedding dress. It served the purpose for the day and now that we've got our photos back (!!!!!!!! - more on this in the next post probably), I've realised just how cool it looked when it was pulled together with every other aspect of the day. There were even some photos where I felt pretty.  

I was quite rough with my lace creation though. When we posed for photos in a field of long grass (as you do), I plopped down without a second thought about my dress. I sloshed around in spilt booze at the bar and my husband (I am getting SO much better at calling him this!) even used his gerber knife on the back of it at one stage to conduct some emergency repairs. 

The day after the wedding I chucked it in the back of our ute and there it stayed for quite a while. Then when Mr Greer deemed it would be weird to take it hunting with him, it was transported from the crumpled ball in the back seat to its new position - crumpled up in the top of my wardrobe.

There it remains.

I haven't even unzipped the cover it came in because I'm too scared to look at it. 

I know the ivory lace along the bottom was nearing black so I would hate to think what shade it is now.


A few people have asked about my plans for the dress. Will I keep it or sell it? Will I make a table cloth from it?

Right now, I don't know. First up, I guess I should really get it cleaned.

A lot of brides I've spoken to have mentioned the cost of getting your dress drycleaned. Into the hundreds and huuuundreds of dollars apparently. Hmph. I can only imagine mine will be rather expendy due to the lace. Any tips?

From there I don't really know what to do. Something makes me want to keep it and I don't know why.

I guess it's in case I have a child one day who wants to play dress-ups or something. I've always admired my mother's wedding dress but missed out on ever touching it or dressing up in it because she borrowed it off a girl she used to work with (love that! Such the done thing back then). 

Otherwise I could always sell it. I looked at second-hand dresses when I was on the hunt and I would have bought second hand too if I'd found what I wanted. I like the idea of 'paying it forward', of making another bride as happy as I was on the day.

Other alternatives? It wouldn't take up the whole dress obviously but I quite like what this Etsy seller is doing with lace dresses. What an awesome way to keep a little part of the day with you. 

I could always find something else to make out of it I guess. Some people make christening dresses etc out of wedding dresses while I've also seen patterns for dolls clothes or making accessories out of the fabric and beading. 

There's always the option of chopping off the bottom and making a cute little cocktail dress out of it. 

I've spoken before about my confusion over trash the dress (turns out I basically trashed mine on the night anyway!) but I guess I can see the appeal (even if it is just for shits-and-giggles) to go to a unique and weird location (such as in to the sea) in my dress. For photos. More photos. Coz the hundreds I have aren't enough... joookes. 

So what did you or do you plan to do with your wedding dress? Any ideas or tips you can share?

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