Valentine's proposals - cute or corny?

23:41, Feb 13 2013

Huffington Post weddings tweeted yesterday: We want to know: Valentines Day proposals - cute or corny?

My instinct was to reply 'Corny!' but I stopped myself and though 'Wait. Why? Why would it be corny?'.

Yes, I get that St Valentine's Day is more often than not referred to as a 'Hallmark holiday', a day to be a consumer and indulge in spending money on materialistic items. "It's a waste of time"... blah blah.


Anyone who falls back on that cop-out misses a very important point: it's about love, or secret admirers, or putting aside one day out of 365 to allow that squishy lovey feeling in your heart to come to the surface.

I scoff when people (usually the cold-hearted amongst us who really just need a big bear hug) say "Valentine's Day should be every day of the year". Yeah right, buddy. It's like saying 'Live every day as if it was your last'. If we all did that, nothing would ever get achieved as I'm not sure I'd be heading into work...



That rant aside, and analysing how I thought I felt, I'm actually not against the Valentine's Day proposal. 

Guys (generally) have SO much social pressure on them to do something, anything, on Valentine's Day. 

Mr Greer light-heartedly moaned the other day about having to buy me a gift for today before I quickly cut him off and explained that I'd prefer if we just exchanged cards with messages inside. Total cost: $2. Sentimental value: Priceless.

We're newlyweds - everyday IS like Valentine's Day to us (SPEW!) - but it doesn't mean we ignore the day completely. We're going to go out for dinner and just enjoy some relaxed time together. Whether you're a newlywed, just started dating or you've been together for 20 years, I think it's important to stop and take stock for the day.

Back to whether a proposal today would be corny or not: To me, it doesn't matter what day of the year you get engaged. Having someone ask if you'd like to spend the rest of your lives together is special no matter the occasion or setting. 

It's no more "cliche" than being proposed to on your birthday, or Christmas, or your anniversary. They're all dates people (usually) HOUND you about when it's going to happen, or 'expect' it to. Grr.

But who cares? What kind of miser do you have to be to put down someone else's proposal? 

So loosen up everyone! Enjoy today. Spend it with the ones you love - even if it's making a phone call to your best friend, taking your dog for an extra-long walk or snuggling on the couch to watch Shortland Street. 

And if you get engaged or are getting married today - CONGRATULATIONS! 

What do you think - V-Day proposals: cute or corny? What are you up to today to mark Valentine's Day?

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