All of the wedding photos

03:28, Feb 18 2013

I have this problem. Well I have a few (obviously) and it is an epic FWP I know, but my latest issue occurred when we got back our HUNDREDS of wedding photos.

Want to have  a looksie? Go on, everyone loves a good perv at someone else's big day. Mosey on over here...

(Would you believe that some of my most favourite photos aren't even on that blog post... there are even MORE that I love, hence my issue...)

We went to Wellington last weekend and our photographers showed us a brilliant 14-minute slideshow of their favourite images from our wedding set to the sound of the songs that featured throughout the day.

I set about pointing and exclaiming "Love that one!", "Oh yay, that's cute!", and "LOVE!" to just about every photo, which has now left me with the quandary of what photo(s) to display in frames or on canvas. (We're house-hunting at the moment and I've been known to point at blank walls in open homes and say "Ooo, a wedding photo would look nice there!")

After watching our wedding video, I was interested to know how looking at the photos would leave me feeling. To me, they are so different.


Yes they capture the same things but they are such different arts and serve different purposes.

Where the video serves as a useful reminder as to who said what, the photos, to me, capture something where words aren't needed. They're a moment; a moment frozen in time, and I love that - especially given the speed of the day.

We were overjoyed with how they turned out. Comments from family have ranged from "They didn't miss a second of the day - it's like a documentary!" to "Wow, that was money well spent."

And that's just it. I remember some readers baulking when I said that investing in really good photographers and videographers was right up there on my list of priorities - I stand by that.

Now I've spent the weekend putting together our thankyou cards, which will include a handful of photos in each from the day. Thank goodness for 8c prints! 

Meanwhile I'm no closer to deciding what photos I want to go where - except for two photos I'd like blown up and put on canvas and hung in our bedroom in our new house which we're yet to buy. (No, there's not going to be a house-buying blog, thankyouverymuch).

I really don't want these amazing pics to sit in photo albums and collect dust though - and want them to be treated for what they are: art. Any ideas?

How did you or do you plan to display mementos from your wedding day? Have you had photos printed out or displayed in a unique or awesome way? Any tips on how to pick a photographer that suits your wedding style?

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