Wedding woe: Making up the numbers

Hi Greer,
I would like your (and the rest of the readers) opinion on something. My partner and I had been discussing our upcoming wedding  (Dec 2014 so plenty of time) when we realised the wedding party might be slightly lop-sided. I want two bridesmaids, but he wants three groomsman.
Not a problem I thought, odd numbers it is. But after discussing it with a few people, I'm starting to doubt my decision. "That's just weird" says one. "The photos will look funny" says another.
Now, it's not like I can't find a third bridesmaid, it's that I don't want to ask someone just for the sake of having matching numbers. I know it's ages away and I might even become closer to another friend in that time, but for now, it's just bugging me.
What are your thoughts on having mis-matched numbers? 
Also, on the off chance you publish this, can you please leave out my name? If I do decide to ask a third bridesmaid, I don't want them to read this and think I only asked them to make up the numbers!
Thanks Greer :)


This kind of thing really gets me. Who are those people to say such rediiiiculous things about someone else's wedding day?
Actually I do know who they are - I am surrounded by them too - and this post can be considered a big two-fingers to them.

I, as frequent flyers would know, had one less person in my bridal support team than my husband did.

To me, it made sense. Much like you, I didn't want to make up numbers.

I had a fourth BM lined up but she couldn't make the wedding (and I gave her a leave pass with my blessing), so there's no way I thought about plugging the gap with someone else.

When I realised we were going to have uneven numbers in our bridal party, I then had to set about reassuring people around me that the sky would not fall because things weren't "even".

Don't get me wrong - I'm a Virgo; I usually like symmetry and things being 'even' and 'right', but this is just something I felt really strong about.

Odd-numbered bridal parties are one of those things I think people get in a tizz over, when in actual fact their real issue is something else entirely. (And just flick through any bridal mag and you'll see it's actually on-trend, daaahlink).

The comment that your 'wedding photos will look strange' - I can confirm from experience - is ridiculous. If you haven't seen our pics, you can see them here. I don't think they look strange? But maybe I'm biased.

When you look back on your wedding photos, you want to see the faces of those closest to you beaming back at you. If I'd plugged my #4 spot with someone who I'd later regret, guess how much I'd like my wedding photos after that? Not much, that's for sure.

I don't know about you but most people's favourite wedding photos aren't the staged ones where we're all standing in a row, with the bridal party looking awkward at being 'partnered up' with some rando they met the day before for the first time.

In fact considering almost all our bridal party were in relationships and their partners were present, I think the 'escorting' part of the bridal party would have got a bit weird for all involved.

I say stick to what you planned - uneven numbers - and you'll have a fabulous day with your favourite people.

Ignore the nay-sayers, you'll get them with every wedding decision you make! You've got to draw the line somewhere.

What do you think about an odd-numbered bridal party? Any advice for this bride?

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