Nudie bachelorette parties?

21:54, Jun 20 2013

Talk about playing up to most guys' fantasies and uneducated beliefs as to what a bunch of ladies do when they are alone together... I present to you: this.

Get naked and cuddle up with your besties? Tempted?

Apparently it's ALL the rage for bachelorette parties these days. Forget the stripper, pub crawl and drinking out of phallic straws, just ditch your clothes and lounge around with your boosies out and gyrating into awkward positions in front of a camera. 

Don't get me wrong - I'm all about celebrating the womanly form in all its beautiful and differing glory.

But I'm not sure this latest fad will catch on.

The first thing that gets me is WHY? Yes, it might be a bit of a laugh (*giggle, giggle* "Look at all our jiggly bits!") but I don't imagine it would be the most amusing of situations - especially if some women are more confident with their bodies than others.

In fact it could turn into a huge, catastrophic failure. Not. Good.


The second thing that gets me is what does one do with the finished product?

So say it all goes great; bunch of body-confident, beautiful gals rocking out their various shapes in a great photo session...aaaaand? So, er, what are you supposed to do with the final photos?

Those requiring a bit of spice in their relationship may place a printed photo in their bedroom (it may even aid in your, er, partner's fantasy), but would you really want to look at your nakie mate day in and day out?

And would you really want this photo displayed in your home or the homes of your mates for all to see?

There's also another factor to take into account - not all bridesmaids or wedding guests are as buddy-buddy as these photos would let you believe.

Imagine if two of your BMs didn't like each other (a common situation) and here you are telling them to naked spoon each other. Cosy.

What do you think? Would you take part in this new craze? Any other weird stag or hen party ideas you've heard of?

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