Singles at weddings

23:23, Jul 24 2013

Nearly half of all female responders to an online survey of singlesrevealed that they go in to high alert for other unattached folk at weddings.

It makes sense; weddings are a day all about love and spewy coupledom and for some, nothing screams 'I'm-going-to-die-alone-as-a-crazy-cat-lady' quite like turning up as a guest to a wedding alone.

It's natural in any awkward situation to attempt to locate and cling to those in a similar situation and I guess with a little bit of prodding and a couple of drinks, this sometimes leads to a little bit of something more. 

Roughly half of women (46 per cent) and nearly three-quarters of men (74 per cent) say they're on the lookout for other singles the minute they arrive at the wedding venue, according to a press release.

Twenty-eight per cent of the 1000 people surveyed said weddings are the best social function to meet a partner.

Casting my mind back to singleton days, I definitely remember mincing around at weddings, always looking for a potential dance partner or someone to go get me another drink from the bar.


But that wasn't any different to any other party; drinking, dancing, joking around - except for the general overtones of 'love' surrounding the day.

I can't ever recall meeting someone who went on to become a serious relationship (or actually ever meeting someone who was even just a bit of fun), but I've certainly witnessed a lot of wedding hook ups.

Some were pretty, some were pretty awful (think people cheating on their partners with over-emotional girls whose tagline for the night through their racoon, tear-stained faces was "I'm nevvvver gonna get maaaaaaarrrrried".)

Apparently it acts as an attraction, rather than a repellent as I would have guessed.

(I did, however, meet my future husband at an engagement party at a time when I definitely wasn't looking for love. Oh life, you funny but cruel mistress.)

Even though the big day is about the couple at the centre of everyone's attention, there are certain times where traditionally singletons have been carved off to the side for others to be able to determine who they are.

Think the bouquet toss (I didn't do this, I wanted to keep my bouquet!) and removal of the garter for the single blokes.

Guests may as well sign up to play that traffic light dating game where you wear a green badge to say you're 'Go, go, go...'.

I must say I did kind of try to play matchmaker with a couple of guests - and even mentioned in my main speech that my sister-in-law was single (Oops, sorry!)

What do you think about wedding hookups? Did you or do you as a singleton see them as a pretty valid place to meet a future lover?

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