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25 stylish celebrity brides gallery

Celeb wedding

Inspired by Solange Knowles' stunning Kenzo caped creation, we reflect on the world's most stylish brides.

Groom lifts veil ... cancels wedding

CHANGE OF HEART: A Saudi bride was jilted at the altar after her groom changed his mind after seeing her face for the first time.

It was divorce at first sight for a Saudi groom when his bride lifted her veil on their wedding day.

Solange Knowles ties the knot

WHO NEEDS A LIMO: Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson arrived at the ceremony in style on vintage bicycles.

Beyonce's younger sister shows off her unique style - and dance moves - at her wedding in New Orleans.

Eden Park sees rare pitch wedding

WEDDING: Nikki Latimer and Mike Green met at Eden Park, got engaged there and married there.

Couple who met at Eden Park converted their relationship into an on-pitch wedding.

Her amazing wedding surprise

THE HAPPY COUPLE ... Before the big surprise.

Her beloved groom is confined to a wheelchair, but was determined to make a first dance happen ...

Introducing Jon & Yvette gallery

Wedding of the week

A simple, yet beautiful backdrop and bright bridesmaid dresses really make these photos pop.

Introducing Calina & Paul gallery

Wedding of the week

It's not every day we see a wedding where the bride gets kidnapped and held for ransom...

Introducing Jae & Natalie gallery

Wedding of the week

He surprised her with a romantic beach proposal and now she's returning the favour by sharing their wedding...

Not such a fairytale experience

NOT SO DREAMY: "Apparently, when we show up with pages ripped out of bridal magazines and carefully curated Pin boards, we then are supposed to abandon all of our preferences and research and just fall in love with something else."

Why is every facet of wedding dress shopping set up to make it incredibly difficult for women to make decisions?

All aboard the marriage express video

WILL YOU? Scott Marshall pops the question to Olivia Bisseker.

Flashmob dancers cheered in the tramway as a Christchurch woman said "yes" to an unusual marriage proposal.

Introducing Sarah & Jonathan

Wedding of the week

These High School sweethearts enjoyed a truly stunning wedding on the edge of Lake Taupo.

Mary-Kate Olsen 'married'

Mary-Kate Olsen

Despite a 17-year age difference, Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy have reportedly tied the knot.

Best proposal ever? video


He spent 17 months planning the day - and it was worth it.

Double blow for for bride-to-be

LOST: The engagement ring stolen from the Cornwall Park toilets.

After losing the deposit for her dress, losing her engagement ring was a blow to Verena's wedding hopes.

His one-of-a-kind proposal

Doctor Who proposal

One Doctor Who mega-fan built a life-size replica of the T.A.R.D.I.S. to stage an amazing proposal to his girlfriend.

Introducing Tracy & Pete

Tracy & Pete

Serendipitous vows, handmade bouquets and a rather messy frock photoshoot made this wedding one of a kind.

On being single at weddings

LONE RANGER: As I'd watch the groom's lip quiver and the bride smile reassuringly back, I was ashamed of the black cloud gathering in my heart.

'I wish the perplexed bridesmaid I was had understood that love is not limited to those blessed with partners.'

Is this the golden formula of marriage?

PUT A RING ON IT: But not necessarily a super expensive one.

A new study reveals two numbers can predict the health of your marriage.

Shedding wedding costs


Just mention the word "wedding" to a potential vendor and prices will rise, according to frustrated 21st-century

Dream wedding coming true


A couple who have been together 14 years will finally say ''I do'' after winning a $20,000 wedding.

Is she finally off the market?


Cameron Diaz was spotted wearing a diamond sparkler on her wedding finger, not once but twice last week.

Introducing Tracy & Matt


Is anything more romantic than an elopement? These two didn't think so, choosing to fly into the snowy peaks.

'Mrs Clooney' makes it official


Get hair like Kate (or Bear Grylls)


Jolie's calculated wedding date


My husband is now a woman


8 tips for perfect wedding photography

Paralysed bride walks down the aisle


Months of hard work and determination meant this paralysed bride got to walk down the aisle.

The 24 most stylish brides of all time


From flouncy gowns to quirky minis, here's our pick of the most show-stopping wedding looks of all time.

Clooney wedding: What they ate


Lobster, ravioli and Tuscan beef ... Clooney and Alamuddin treated guests to a lavish wedding feast.