Introducing Becky and Andrew

On top of a mountain, with the Canterbury plains in the background.

A sweet proposal on rainy fishing trip inspired a wedding with a hunting and fishing theme.

Introducing Marcelle & Steve gallery

Marcelle and Steve

From an office romance in Sydney to a proposal in Paris and a beach wedding in the Bay of Plenty.

Introducing Zelina & Rajee gallery

Photo by Adrian De La Fuente Wedding Photojournalism.

It may not have been love at first sight, but luckily Cupid came back a few years later.

Introducing James & Laura-Alice gallery

James & Laura-Alice

These high-school sweethearts were separated by university - until the day a mutual friend reunited them . . .

Introducing Laura & Damo gallery

Laura & Damien

He admired her from afar when they were teens, but it was seven years until this pair had the chance to finally hit it off.

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