Introducing Bekah and Tom

A little help from their friends.

We love a good proposal story and Bekah and Tom's is definitely one that had us reaching for our tissue box.

Be Stuff's wedding of the week

Introducing Brayden & Monique

Brayden and Monique's big day went off almost without a hitch. They say they'd do it all again.

Together for eight years and they're only 25, this couple are sure to go the distance.

Introducing Joelle & Kayne gallery

The look of love.

When these uni sweethearts married in the beautiful King Country, their day went off without a hitch. Almost.

Meet Sarah-Lee and Oli gallery

Sparks flew throughout the night.

An online love-match followed by a cheeky afternoon beer led to a life of happiness for these two.

Introducing Bronwyn & Daniel gallery

The newlyweds in Mona Vale gardens.

They lived in the same spot for years, yet their paths never crossed until they moved to London. If that isn't fate, we don't know what is ...

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