Introducing Nic and Marisa gallery

A beautiful shot of the couple walking on the beach.

They say 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' and this couldn't be more true for Nic and Marisa.

Introducing Kylee and Brad gallery

Kylee and Brad

How many couples can say they got engaged at the base of Mt Everest - in a blizzard?

Introducing Paul and Tirzah

The bride and groom at sunset at the Gracehill Winery grounds.

After a rocky start, these flatmates fell in love - and two years later celebrated their commitment to one another in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at a winery in Auckland.

Introducing Crystal and Robert gallery

The happy couple.

Having met through a mutual friend when Crystal was 15 years old, this couple tied the knot nine years later in a picturesque ceremony in Pukehina.

Introducing Olivia & Jacob gallery

The happy bride and groom.

They met as kids and were friends for 10 years before sparks flew for this Feilding couple.

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