Introducing Ben & Wendy video

The happy couple - Wendy and Ben.

Tears, laughter and a Top Gun salute - this Martinborough wedding had it all.

Be Stuff's wedding of the week

Introducing Mel & Dan gallery

After 7 and a half years together, Mel and Dan finally made it official.

This happy couple's rustic wedding had it all - laughter, tears, and enough swag to fill Wellington harbour.

Introducing Teri & Sam gallery

Teri & Sam.

They met in high school but didn't ever think they'd end up together. However fast-forward a few years...

Introducing Hayleigh & Chris gallery

Hayleigh and Christopher.

A water bomb fight, games on the beach, and fish and chips... this is definitely one of the most fun weddings we've seen.

Introducing ... Cam & Tess video

Cam and Tess van Baarle.

They first met on the football field at age 5. Fast forward several years and, they're man and wife.

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