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Stuff's wedding of the week Stuff's wedding of the week Stuff's wedding of the week Stuff's wedding of the week Stuff's wedding of the week

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Kristy Thompson was a wreck on her wedding day and had last seen her fiance being hog tied and put into a car boot. But that didn't stop spectacular things happening on the big day. Read on for the magic.

How did you meet? We meet at Jono's flat after he moved in with a friend of mine. I went around to the flat to see my friend and Jono walked in after going paintball shooting and he introduced himself to me. The next time I saw him was just after my car pitifully failed its warrant and I went round to the flat to have a cry with my friend. I walked in all red-eyed and Jono was there. After an awkward pause, he gave me a hug. That night, we ended up staying up until 3am watching movies, even though I was meant to start work at 7.30am the next day. Fast-forward many months of getting to know each other, we finally started to date after a bit of pushing from friends. Turns out that flat has brought together many couples.

Tell us about the proposal: Jono suggested we go out for dinner to a place we hadn't been before. I was in a pretty stink mood that day and felt rushed getting ready, since the dinner reservation was so early. We had a lovely dinner and Jono suggested that we go for a walk where we went on our first date. As we walked, I kept having trouble with some new shoes I was wearing so I sat down to try to fix them. Jono started talking and I wasn't listing much until I looked up from my shoes and he was getting down on one knee. I burst into tears and said yes!

Location of wedding: We got married at the Palmerston North Rose Gardens, the place he proposed and where we went on our first date.

Describe your wedding day: I was a wreck. I had barely slept all week. Jono had moved away to a start a new job so I had seen him for a total of four days in the three months leading up to our wedding. He also had his stag do the night before our wedding, so the last time I saw him before I walked down the aisle, he was being hog tied and put into a car boot by my brothers and his mates. I knew he would be there on the wedding day; I just wasn't sure if his eyebrows where going to make an appearance.

I stayed at my nana and pop's place with my mum the night before the wedding, so it was great waking up and having them there. We waited for the bridesmaids to arrive and started to get ready. It was an incredible day - the perfect way to celebrate with the people we love and the weather really turned it on for us. It didn't feel real and sometimes it still doesn't.

I moved down south with Jono the day after our wedding, so the wedding was a farewell for us as well. It was such an emotional time saying good bye to everyone.

The dress: My beautiful dress was from the ladies at Bridal Studio in Palmerston North. They worked so hard getting everything ready and perfect for me. Worth every cent of the money spent on it because of those girls.

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The flowers: We used flowers out of my pop's award-winning dahlia patch. We bought ribbon from Spotlight and my beautiful bridesmaids and I picked the flowers we wanted on the morning of the wedding and spent some time putting them all together. The colours were amazing.

Highlight of the wedding: Apart from marrying my best friend and getting to spend the rest of my life with him, it would be spending the night before the wedding with my mum and nana. They both mean the world to me and are such beautiful women. We just flopped on the couch and watched Runaway Bride.

Another highlight was my brother's speech at the reception.

Was there any drama? We were 40 minutes late to the ceremony - oops. And my lovely make-up artist accidently dropped the lip stick on my dress as we were rushing to get out the door. By that point, I didn't even mind that much. I just wanted to get there and get this done. Also, the weather was so hot that when I was standing up front saying my vows, I felt something run down my leg. I was so nervous I honestly wasn't sure if it was sweat or pee (it was sweat, I checked afterwards).

The honeymoon: We didn't get one, unfortunately. We had a few days to drive down to our new home in Dunedin and get unpacked before I started my new job the next week.

Your photographer and favourite photo? Laura Ridley Photography - she was amazing. My favourite photo is a funny one. My mum snuck a random lady behind me in a group photo so I would look back on it and I wouldn't know who she was. Quote from my mum to the random lady: "I'm the mother of the bride. Can you please stand behind the bride so when she looks at her photos she won't know who you are? That would be great, thanks!"

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