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Jon and Yvette during the ceremony.

Yvette's wedding dress!

Bridesmaid Lisa walking down the aisle ahead of Yvette and her brother Michael - a truly special moment.

The wedding guest group photo.

Yvette inside grandad's vintage car upon arrival at the ceremony.

Yvette's nana looking at her great granddaughter (flower girl) admiring herself in the mirror, wearing the dress nana made 20 years earlier for Yvette.

Jon and Yvette - one of their favourite photos. "Jon said something cheeky and the photo was taken just as I started laughing."

The wedding guests waiting for the bridal party to arrive.

The bridal party crossing the lawn on their way to the reception.

Yvette and her mum having a mother daughter moment after seeing her all dressed and ready to go.

Jon and Yvette share a moment alone.

During the ceremony.

Jo and Yvette being showered with confetti as they walk back down the aisle.

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28-year-old Pharmacy Technician Yvette and 33-year-old Market Gardener Jon tied the knot in a simple, yet beautiful ceremony at the Manawatu Vintage Car Club.

We'll let Yvette fill you in on all the details...

How did you meet? We met while I was living in Wellington and Jon was living in Palmerston North. I was home in Palmy for the weekend and we were both out with friends who happened to know each other, we got along straight away. However, it was a few months later before we had our first date.

Tell us about the proposal: We went to Patea to visit his family for a long weekend. Jon, his mum and I went for a walk along the beach, which is so rugged yet beautiful with big cliffs and pitch black sand. After the walk, Jon suggested that he and I head up the beach and get a couple of photos while his mum cleaned the dog. I thought this was a bit strange because he hates photos, but went anyway. Then as I was sitting on a big log with the sea in the background he popped the question.

Location of wedding: We had both our ceremony and reception at the Manawatu Vintage Car Club.

It was the perfect setting for the kind of day we wanted. It has a big lawn out the front which was perfect for our ceremony, and also meant guests had plenty of space to relax in the sun and play games during the afternoon before going inside for the reception.


Describe your wedding day: I know everyone says it, but we had such an amazing day. Everything was just as we wanted it.

We were so lucky with the weather, because the day before it had been overcast and really windy but it turned out perfect on the day.

We had wanted our day to be bright, cheerful and happy and to not just be about us getting married, but about us getting all our family and friends together to have a great day and night. We were so lucky to have so many great family members and friends to help with so many parts of the day, and bring it all together. It was because of everyone's help that we had our perfect wedding day.

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The dress: The dress was from Wards in New Plymouth. I can't thank Suzanne enough for all she did to get my perfect dress. She actually picked it, then went the extra mile with the fittings and adjustments. She did an amazing job and made the whole process so special. I also have to say a special thank you to Janet Rowe for my make-up and Pat Harley for my hair. They both did such a great job, and even after dancing the night away both my hair and makeup still looked as good as it had that morning.

The flowers: Lynley at Cottage Flowers on Broadway Ave for the bouquets and my Aunty Robyn organised all the flower decorations, a lot of which came from her and her friends' gardens.

Highlight of the wedding: The whole day. Other than getting married, it was all the little things that made our day so special.

Having my mum sort all the things she did and taking charge when things needed to be done, having my brother walk me down the aisle, my granddad drive mum and I to the wedding in his vintage car that I remember playing in when I was little, Jon's wedding ring being from his great grandfather, my nana and Jon's mum baking the cake and my aunty icing it and so many more little touches that just made our day so personal and just for us.

It was all those little personal details that made the day so wonderful and knowing how much time and effort people put in to make our day so special. Some of the little details probably weren't noticed by the guests, but Jon and I knew about them and that's what we found we loved about our day.

Was there any drama? There wasn't really anything in particular, it all went quite smoothly. The biggest drama was probably trying to fit me and my dress in the back seat of my granddad's Morris Minor, but luckily with a bit of pushing and prodding we got me in and out in one piece.

The honeymoon: A few monhs after the wedding we went to Thailand. It was amazing having some time out to do nothing but relax.

Your photographer and favourite photo? One of the best decisions we made was to have Toni Larsen as out photographer.

She was absolutely amazing and captured the day perfectly. She is so lovely and easy to get along with - she just makes you feel completely at ease in front of the camera. I was so impressed with how she captured the 'natural' moments of the day.

It is so hard to pick a favourite because we love all of them, but one of my favourite pictures would be one of Jon and I, he said something cheeky and she has taken the photo as I'm laughing.

I also love the one that was taken of my brother and I just as we were about to walk down the aisle.

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