Introducing Tammy and Paul

Last updated 05:00 02/11/2012

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Tammy Rouse, 26, and Paul Andrew, 30, met as teenagers but didn't get together until his brother moved into her flat several years later. The Christchurch locals got married in the city's Omarino Vineyard.

How did you meet?: "Paul and I met first met through his younger brother in our early teens but didn't meet up again till 2005 when his brother started dating my flatmate and shifted in with us," Tammy explains. "Paul then started visiting our flat all the time and we could both tell that we liked each other but neither of us said anything. Then one night at the Tyre Changing Championships at the Tinwald Tavern (LOL), we both plucked up the courage and had our first kiss... which ended up being aired on the big screen in front of all the other punters! It was full throttle from there and we spent as much time as we could with each other while Paul was studying to become a nurse."

Tell us about the proposal: "Paul and I had always talked about visiting Queenstown as I had never been, then not long after the first earthquake in September 2010 we decided to head away to Queenstown for a long weekend," she says. "We were going up the gondola and on the luge, Paul bought a backpack with him that day as he said he needed to carry a spare jacket and camera which I thought was strange! On the way up the gondola he was acting quite weird and I had no idea what was ahead. We went on the luge, then as we were coming back down the gondola looking over beautiful Lake Wakatipu, Paul got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so shocked, I couldn't stop laughing, by the time we got to the bottom I managed to pull myself together and say 'Yes, of course I will marry you!'. When we go to the bottom we were able to buy the photos that they took of us while we were in the gondola - they are priceless!"

Location of wedding:
"We had our ceremony and reception at the beautiful Omarino Vineyard in Christchurch, they make a great Pinot Gris! We got married outside under a lovely tree and on a sunny day, it was a bit windy so some photos have less than perfect hair dos. The reception was held in their beautiful silk lined Marquee which we decorated with hanging birdcages. We a bit of a vintage theme, we had 110 guests and each place setting had an old English cup and saucer set, for the guests to take home which I spent 15 months collecting. There was a lot of swapping and trading going on through out the night. I spent hours searching op-shops, garage sales and markets looking for cups and saucers, even Paul got a good eye for what I was looking for and bought home a few gems!"

Describe your wedding day: "Our wedding day was magic," Tammy says. "I have never cried so much in my life! It was such an emotional day, to see every special person we have in our lives in one place at one time, just for us, it was overwhelming. All the girls spent the night before at my parents house and all woke up together to a big cooked breakfast. Then off to the hairdresser and got our makeup done while we were there. Back home to get dressed, it was so exciting all walking out of my parents lounge with our dresses on, my dad took one look at me and my sister and started crying!
"Then we were off to meet our horse and cart, I kept our mode of transport a surprise for the boys, they had no idea what to expect when we turned up at the venue. When we arrived and the girls had walked up the aisle, my dad and I had to wait as we both couldn't stop crying. During the ceremony me, Paul and our parents all released butterflies as a sign of new beginnings, it was so  beautiful. We also had our tow dogs at our wedding, and my four cousins who were pageboys were in charge of looking after them for the day."

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The dress: "My dress was from Brides of Merivale and is a Kate Dowman design. I love it. I keep telling my friends they can wear it at their wedding just so I can see it again. It has vintage lace and a mocha band around the middle and was so comfortable to wear all day. I wore a Mantilla veil and I had birdcage veils with vintage brooches made at Lace and Grace for each of my bridesmaids. I wanted to add a bit of fun colour to my dress so wore fuchsia pink Tony Bianco high heels under my dress which matched the bridesmaid's dresses."

The flowers: Ian Harvey Flowers on Innes Road. "My sister and I only decided on them a week or two before the wedding," she says. "I knew what I wanted but none of the florists I had met seemed to understand. My sister and I stopped in to get a coffee next to the florist and thought we would just pop in. Ian totally understood what I wanted, could do it within budget and at short notice. The pink flowers really went well with the girls' dresses and my four wee cousin's ties."

Highlight of the wedding: "We still had not quite decided on the song to walk back down the aisle to so I told Paul it was his decision and I would be happy with what ever he decided. When we were pronounced husband and wife and walked back down the aisle the speakers started blasting Queen's Fat Bottom Girls. It is one of my favourite songs and I joked about having it as our first dance. When it started playing everyone cracked up laughing and it was such a sweet reminder of how much Paul and I had the same sense of humour, we rocked our way back down the aisle. It was also a real highlight to have our animals involved in the day and that they behaved."

Was there any drama?:
"Not really a drama, but we later discovered when we were looking through our photos that one of our page boys had been sneaking our dogs beer, no wonder they slept through the ceremony! We also had chocolate spoons made to go with the cups and saucers and half of them melted in the sun in the marquee before the guests got to enjoy them."

The honeymoon: "I am the luckiest girl in the world. We spent a week in Paris for our honeymoon, followed by five weeks travelling around Europe," Tammy says. "We had the best time and met the most amazing people that we have stayed friends with."

Your photographer and favourite photo?: " Our photographer was Dean Norrie. At the last minute we decided to have our photos taken at our home as we live on five acres close the our wedding venue, it meant that we could get photos of my horse and other pets. We don't plan on leaving our house so every photo is a favourite as we can look back and show our children our home on our wedding day."

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