Introducing Amy and Joseph

Last updated 05:00 23/11/2012

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Wellingtonians Joseph Gaylard, 25, and Amy Hedges, 22, married at the Gear Homestead in Poriruia on November 3, 2012.

Joseph is supermarket duty manager and Amy works as a customer service officer.

How did you meet?: "The first time Joe and I met properly was through my bridesmaid Shantelle who Joseph had a wee fling with for a wee while," Amy says. "I always knew who he was as my mum and his mum were really good friends. One day I went to his work (supermarket) with my mum. I was only 16 and decided to hop into the front seat of her car, put it up loud and "show off" in front of Joe. He came over and gave me crap about how I was trying to drive. I told my mum, who went to work the next day (she was working with Joe at the time) and told him that I wanted his number because I thought he was "hot". I didn't ask for his number but mum decided to say I did. We ended up texting each other, met up a few times and on March 27, 2006, after a nice walk along the walkways of Whitby he asked me to be his girl."
Tell us about the proposal: "It was very quite random. My parents were over in Australia at the time. Joe had bought me rings before and I always had joked with him that they were engagement rings. I always hinted every few months that I wanted to get married," she says. "Nothing came about so I just gave up. One night he just randomly turned the lights off, lit a candle on our dining table, turned some music on and when I got out the shower he came up to me and did it. [It] was very cute for him back then as he didn't really do things like that."
Location of wedding: Gear Homestead. "We got married in a gorgeous old historic house in Porirua, overlooking Porirua Harbour. It was built in the 1800s and has four hectares of beautiful gardens outside. The outside ceremony settings are amazing but we couldn't get married out there as our day was wet," Amy says. "We got married inside, in front of a string of fairy lights and a fire. The inside is gorgeous and has very old school carpet. We had all our photos outside in the woods and gardens."
Describe your wedding day: "It was just breathtaking, The feeling is truly amazing, I just want to do it all over again. People were so happy; the support and love of our friends and family was really overwhelming. The start of the day was quite emotional, I started to get nervous as every hour ticked by. Listening to the music before we left made me cry more, my dad was with me most of the day [and] every time I looked round at him he was crying, I don't think there was many times he wasn't. I hadn't seen Joe since 4pm on the Friday [the day before] and I arrived at the homestead [just after] 3pm. That's a long time for us, as we hardly ever spend time apart. So when I saw him waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs I just fell in love with him so much more. The speeches were fantastic, the music was great, and the managers were just amazing. We could never have asked for a better day."
The dress: "It was all I ever wanted. I had gone thorough quite a lot of dresses - I had white and black, pure white and then made my decision of exactly what I wanted - ivory with a long train strapless and crisscross. When I found one like that I was stoked. My dress had tiny little pearls and sequins at the bust, was ruffled around the waist and went into a tiny little flower on the side of the dress, that then went into an a line at the front, between the a line was see through netting very thin material and the back of the dress was crisscross right down to the waist with a huge round train. It was just stunning."
The flowers: "We had artificial flowers for everything. My mum did the flowers - she's never done a floristry course before and they were just stunning. My husband's, pop's and dad's button holes all had pearl strands in them, my husband's had more than the others. My bouquet was two of the bridesmaid's bouquets put together but mum put white roses in to break up the colour, and with the pearl strands to match Joe's buttonhole and my dress. I have let all the girls keep them as part of there present and mine is in a wedding corner unit in my house."
Highlight of the wedding: "I think the biggest highlight of the wedding was walking around the corner and down the stairs to our wedding song The Power of Love, by Celine Dion. I had my daughter and my nephew as flower girl and page boy, and they went first down the stairs. All I remember is hearing "awww" from the guests. My dad started crying before we even starting walking. As I walked around the corner and down the stairs the smile on my husband's face was just amazing, he was trying to hold in his tears and the gasps from the audience made me that so much more happier. It was just one amazing feeling, and one of the most happiest moments of my life."

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Was there any drama?: "There was no drama within the bridal party. [But] two days before the wedding we went to pick up the marriage licence got home and it wasn't even in there [the envelope], that stressed me out a little bit. But at the wedding there was nothing - everyone was so happy cheerful, talkative and friendly. We were very lucky."
The honeymoon: "No honey moon at this stage. I had a lot of family over from Australia so I wanted to spend time with them. I think by the time the wedding was over and they were all home we were so tired we just wanted to have time to ourselves. We are saving up with the rest of our wedding money to go away to the islands or a nice cruise."
Your photographer and favourite photo? Photos were by Brady Dyer Photography. "He was amazing," Amy says. "I've known Brady for a few years and we lost contact, but stayed in touch via Facebook. I always admired his work and knew once our first photographer let us down he would be the one! He met with us throughout the planning and he did exactly what we wanted, the end result was just fabulous. His photos were stunning we could not have wished for anyone better.  I think my favourite photos of me and Joe would be the ones on the stairs near the woolshed and the ones of us on the veranda in front of the sunset."

- Stuff


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