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Last updated 05:00 18/01/2013

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Vicki and Ben McCord met in Christchurch, got engaged in Paris (while on tour with Ben's cricket team) and then married in Prebbleton. 

How did you meet? "We met out in town one night in Christchurch. Neither of us were intending on staying out long at all actually but we hit it off straight away and ended up chatting for hours over a drink or three. We went on about three dates before we became official, and one day shy of five years together, we were married!" 

Tell us about the proposal: "We had been travelling with Ben's cricket team in Ireland, and had saved up to go to Paris for three nights. We went on a dinner cruise down the River Seine on our last night and went back to our hotel with a bottle of champagne. And then when we were on our balcony overlooking the beautiful streets of Paris Ben got down on bended knee and proposed. It was a total surprise, I just nodded. I was so emotional I couldn't talk!"  

Location of wedding: "Pemberton Gardens in Prebbleton." 

Describe your wedding day: "The sun was shining and there were lots of white fluffy clouds in the sky. It was a perfect day for a wedding. I hadn't seen Ben since the Sunday before as he was away in Dunedin playing cricket for Canterbury. It was a tough week for him to be away. I was so excited to see him and couldn't wait to get there to be honest.

The girls and I stayed at Hackthorne Gardens the night before and we spent the whole morning getting ready; it was so much fun and we really did feel like movie stars. When the car arrived to pick us up I was totally calm, but as we approached the venue my tummy started to do somersaults and as we pulled up I did become quite emotional. I guess when you spend so long organising this day for it to finally be here was a bit overwhelming. 

As I walked up the aisle to Ben I was trying so hard not to cry and ruin my makeup. The ceremony was lovely. It was personal and just what we wanted. It told our story. Our celebrant Mary Mason was fantastic. Once we were married it was all go go..... we had champagne and then family photos and then it was off for our location photos. It went so fast though that before we knew it, it was time to go back and listen to speeches, which I must say were great, short, sweet, but from the heart. We had our main meal then cut our cake, danced our first dance, then opened our dessert table. This had all sorts of lollies and sweet treats on it, which were a huge hit with all age groups.

Our theme was travel/Paris, and we managed to find, with the help of our stylist, the most amazing props. We had a DJ for our music and he got cranked up and we danced the night away. It was truly the most magical day and we loved every minute of it, the only thing is I want to just go back and press pause because s it went so fast!" 

The dress: "Was a Robyn Cliffe gown that was made by her amazing dressmakers, it was unique in the fact that the lace was the last of its kind and they loved it so much they had been hiding it out the back for someone special. I felt very honoured that they let me see it and ultimately use it for my dress! It is stunning and I love it." 

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The flowers: "Our colour scheme was all pastel colours so we used shades of pink and lilac and had various white roses and peonies. They were stunning and Sheila and her team at Flowers on Cashmere did an amazing job. I also had a wee locket attached to my bouquet of my nana on her wedding day. We were very close and I felt that she was there with me the whole day." 

Highlight of the wedding: "Walking up the aisle to Ben. I had missed him a lot and it was the best feeling turning that corner and seeing him waiting for me. It was a real teary moment."  

Was there any drama? "Isn't there always!? Someone said to me, it isn't a good wedding without any drama! Someone had one too many wines and caused a slight scene, and unfortunately my dad (at the end of the night thank goodness) tripped on a step and cut his head open. It was literally at midnight so most people had gone, but poor dad didn't get home until 4am in the morning from A&E, and had four stitches in his head!"  

The honeymoon: "We had to postpone our honeymoon because of Ben's cricket commitments, but we're going to Brisbane and Noosa in May next year. I cannot wait! We did get away for one night just after the wedding, which was nice, but I'm definitely looking forward to a longer break in the sun."  

Your photographer and favourite photo? "Frank Visser was our photographer, he was amazing! And I have two favourite photos: one of me and Ben walking up a tree-lined street, it sums up how relaxed we were after all the emotions of getting married. The other is with my bridesmaids also walking along the road, who are like my sisters, they are twins and we've been best friends since we were five years old. They moved to England when we were 14 and they travelled from Norwich in the UK to be my bridesmaids. I miss them so much but we have the loveliest photos together from that day."


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