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Considering her dislike of flying, the last place Melanie Davison, 29, expected to be proposed to was on a particularly turbulent flight from New York. But Bryan Washer, 29, threw caution to the wind, popped the question up in the clouds, and the pair haven't looked back since. 

Their beautiful wedding took place in the Parnell Rose Gardens, but not before the all-important backyard photos with the feline members of the family. 

How did you meet? We had been friends for about seven years before we got together, we met through my younger brother who worked with Bryan. We had always bumped into each other socially, but nothing happened until one day he invited me out for a drink and it went from there. 

Tell us about the proposal: Bryan and I were on a month long trip around the USA and Mexico, we had been to Cabo San Lucas, LA, Vegas and New York, and I thought even though all those places would have been great to ask me in, nothing happened. Then we were leaving New York, it was cold and pouring with rain with thunder and lightning, (and I’m a terrible flyer anyway), after we had taken off and I was crying my eyes out (I hate take off and landings), he said, “Do you want to get married?” and I said “What?” and stopped crying. He asked me again and I said “Ok”. Haha!

Location of wedding: We had our wedding ceremony at the Parnell Rose Gardens, it was a lovely day, warm, sunny and not much wind. We then drove to the Floating Pavilion for our reception.

Describe your wedding day: The boys got ready at Bryan’s parents house, and the girls at our house. We drank champagne and got ready, had our photos taken in the backyard (including with the animals) and then got picked up in our Bentley cars (I love cars) and saw everyone waiting for us. I got a bit shaky getting out of the car but everything went fine. There were no mistakes in the ceremony, we got lots of photos with all our friends and family, then did a quick photo shoot with the bridal party before heading down to the Floating Pavilion to celebrate with our guests. There were funny speeches, an amazing three tier cake made by my friend Laura, lots of champagne and great food.

The dress:  I had my dress made, it was the top of one gown I liked when I was in Vancouver, and the bottom of another, and even though I never even tried the original dress on in Canada, it worked perfectly. I was very happy.

The flowers: We used Floratechnics as they had a great wedding package, and Owen was really easy going and let us change what we wanted to, and add in extras. We wanted something simple and classic so we went with white roses, orchids and lilies. We sort of gave our florist free reign with the design of the long lows for the bridal table, and he incorporated a bit of New Zealand in with some ferns and greenery. We had cylinders on circular mirrors on the guest tables, with roses, lilies and orchids submerged in water and tea lights on the mirrors.

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Highlight of the wedding: My grandmother being able to attend the ceremony. She was in hospital, and my aunty and uncle picked her up from the hospital, brought her to the ceremony so she could be part of our big day, and took her back again afterwards. We were so grateful.

Was there any drama? The only thing that went wrong was our DJ’s laptop crashing. It wouldn’t play any of our old music, and we went to have our first dance, and it kept skipping. We also hadn’t rehearsed so it was quite funny having to stop dancing with my husband and go tell the DJ to start the song again and wait for him to sort it out. At least we kind of got to practice for our first dance!

Your photographer and favourite photo: Our photographer was Cari Hill of Now Becoming Then Photography. She is one of our friends, and we were really happy she could do it for us. We had gone to the Rose Gardens previously to decide on some good spots we liked as we didn’t want to keep our guests waiting for hours. Cari took some amazing shots, and found a few other great locations in the Rose Gardens that worked great too. I love the photos she took of our cats, and the ones in the trees. Stunning!

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