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Last updated 05:00 28/06/2013

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Nicole and Dominic's romance almost didn't start at all when the bride-to-be removed her online profile, but curiousity got the best of her, and she managed a reply.

Even an interesting journey to proposal and a faux pas by the celebrant couldn't stand in the way of this beautiful wedding.

Nicole can fill you in on all the other details...

How did you meet? We meet on the internet. Dominic sent me a message as I was over the concept of the site. I decided to remove my profile and sent him a blunt message back telling him so. Later, when I was feeling bad about the message, I decided to message again with a cell number in case he actually wanted to text, and about a month later he did... with a lame joke about a dog. We met up for coffee and bowling and haven't looked back since – though I did learn on date one that Dominic doesn’t like to lose!

Tell us about the proposal: One Tuesday night last winter I came home from work and decided I wasn’t cooking... This spoilt Dom's plans, so he improvised and took me out for dinner. After dinner, he announced we were off to investigate someone's homebrew setup, an idea that I obviously found insane and told him so in no uncertain terms. His plan was to lead me to the Mount Victoria lookout, but because his sense of direction isn't the best, we ended up getting lost on the trip. When he made me get out of the car to see where the heck we were, which I did with a loud sigh and a couple of stern words, I turned back round and there he was down on one knee ready to propose.

Location of wedding: Ohariu farm, it was the perfect setting.

Describe your wedding day: Our wedding day was amazing. Everything was planned out in advance and even the rain that had been threatened all week miraculously disappeared. We decided to do photos first so that we could spend as much time as possible with our guests.

The dress: I bought the dress from Astra Bridal with the help of their lovely ladies. I went in with a firm idea of what I wanted - a simple white dress with sleeves - but came out with a sleeveless champagne dress covered with crystals which was totally amazing.        

The flowers: Allure florist in Alicetown did an amazing job of the flowers. She knew exactly what we wanted on the day and understood when I told her 'natural with park and pinecones' I didn’t mean I wanted the forest floor on my tables (thank goodness as that was pretty much what I was describing). The flowers turned out a million times better than I imagined.

Highlight of the wedding: Being able to catch up with family and friends who had travelled from all over for our special day. It was a great day all round.

Was there any drama? There was no major drama, though the celebrant did get Dominic’s name wrong, made all the more dramatic by a gasp from our guests. As Dominic was going to just let the ceremony carry on, I quickly corrected her and we started again.

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The honeymoon: We decided we wanted to see more of New Zealand, so walked the Abel Tasman and stayed in Mapua for a week. The weather was great, and it was one of the best holidays of our lives!

Your photographer and favourite photo? The amazing Jess Bovey did our photos, and even managed to survive the mother of the bride taking her shoes and putting them in the car, thinking someone had left them around to ruin the photos! Our favourite photo is definitely the one of the 8-year-old flower girl holding a Tui bottle thinking all her Christmas’s had come at once, when really she was just holding the bottle while the groom did up his shoe!

- Stuff


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