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Last updated 05:00 12/07/2013

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Emma, a wedding events and hire company owner, 29, and Brady, a wedding photographer 25, both spend their working lives immersed in the wonder of weddings.

Finally the Wellington couple were able to relax and enjoy their own special day alongside family and friends with a stunning vintage-style celebration just outside Masterton.

We'll let Emma (and Brady) fill you in on the rest...

How did you meet? We had mutual friends and actually met three years before we started seeing each other. We were good friends and would catch up from time to time. One year we went snow boarding at Mt Ruapehu and started seeing a lot more of each other as friends, within 6 months we were officially going out.

Tell us about the proposal: We were traveling through Europe for five weeks and about ten days in we were staying in an amazing Penthouse Apartment in Florence. Brady had planned to propose in Prague, which wasn't for a another ten days. But after a full-on touristy day, we were drinking a bottle of Veuve we had bought the day before in Champagne out on the balcony and watching what was the most amazing bright red sunset ever. I stated that this day couldn't get much more perfect to which Brady responded by asking me to grab my phone and do a panoramic video ending with him saying 'hi' to our parents. Thinking NOTHING of this, as Brady is a photographer and this happens A LOT, I started the film and landed back on Brady. He didn't say hi to our parents, he was silent, down on one knee and holding the most amazing ring. It took me a bit to work out what was going on, but after a few seconds it all sank in. He asked me to marry him and I, happily crying, said yes.

Location of wedding: We wanted something in the Wairapara in a little town called Martinborough as this was where we had spent a lot of time as a couple trying all the fine wines and eating at some of our favourite restaurants. Brady, being a wedding photographer, didn't want to have our wedding at a venue he had already shot a wedding at which limited us a little. We had looked at almost every location and were feeling defeated when we heard about 'The Landing.' It was a bit further north, just out of Masterton, but we figured it wouldn't hurt to have a look. It was everything we wanted, a blank canvas that we could turn into our own wonderland. The outdoor setting was full of large green trees and flowers and the interior was basic, and perfect for doing what you wanted to it. We had found our perfect venue.

Describe your wedding day: As with any wedding morning everyone was getting ready and doing last minute set up. The boys stayed at the venue the night before, so it was their job to set up the ceremony which was being held outside between vines in a little outdoor church-like area. My bridesmaids and I had very little to do so we had a lovely cooked breakfast, drank champagne and got our hair and make-up done. There were a few hiccups, but nothing anyone at the wedding would have noticed, all in all our day went smoothly and was perfect. We wanted a very relaxed wedding with the odd bit of humor, it all played out well and I'm sure all our guests really enjoyed themselves.

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The dress: After going to 'The Wedding Show' in Wellington I saw a dress I quite liked at a shop called 'Confetti Bridal' in Petone. It wasn't quite what I had originally wanted but I thought hey, why not try it on. My maid of honour, Julia, and I went to try it on. When I got there I saw another dress I really liked but was unsure because of the matte ivory sequins over the bodice - I am not a sequins person. I tried it on and loved it. It sat well, and was vintage-like which fitted in really well with our whole wedding.

The flowers: I did the table flowers myself with help from both my Nanas, Aunty, my bridesmaids and my husband to be. I ordered white hydrangeas, peach avalanche roses and gypsophila and we all just took a bunch of everything and spread it evenly over the tables. It was what we wanted, and although it would have been easier to pay someone to do them, we liked that handmade posy look, it all came together really well.

Highlight of the wedding: The whole day was one big highlight for me. My two favourite moments would be the actual ceremony, and walking out Mr and Mrs Dyer with all our friends and family throwing the petals my helpers had collected and dried. And also walking into our reception with all our family and friends cheering and toasting to us, and seeing everything we had set up the day before look so awesome.

Was there any drama? Every wedding has drama, but ours weren't too bad and nothing that we couldn't fix ourselves. Having put together most of the wedding ourselves, there was very little we had to leave in other people's hands. Our parents and families were super amazing and helpful so that helped turn any drama into nothing.

Your photographer and favourite photo? Being a wedding photographer himself, Brady has decided to answer this. We chose one of our good friends Max Lemeshenko to photograph our wedding. While he's not a typical wedding photographer, that didn't matter as we loved his individual style. Together with our ideas, and his execution, we were amazed with the outcome. Max did an amazing job, and I'm so glad I left it in his hands.

- Stuff


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