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Last updated 05:00 17/01/2014

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Talk about getting creative with the proposal - Aylon Herbet proposed to his girlfriend Wafaa Humadi via a sneaky online post on his work website (check out the crazily cute screengrab below).

Of course Wafaa was powerless to resist such a thoughtful gesture, and the pair went on to tie the knot at the beautiful Markovina Vineyards Estate surrounded by friends and family.

The day was a resounding success - bar a few minor dramas - complete with a stunning dress, funny speeches and heartfelt vows.

We'll let Wafaa fill you in on the rest...

How did you meet? We met online, through a Facebook app. 

Tell us about the proposal: In his spare time, Aylon writes for the gaming site NZGamer. Little did I know he had asked his editor if he could use a bogus article to propose. One day after I got home from work Aylon told me his latest feature was getting a big response online and I should go check it out. When I went to read his article titled "The Best Co-Op Game" I found images of Aylon holding a sign asking me to marry him. Meanwhile Aylon went to retrieve the ring, got down on one knee and popped the question. 

Location of wedding: Our wedding was held at Markovina Vineyards Estate in Auckland.

Describe your wedding day: We were worried because we were planning on an outdoor ceremony and it started raining in the morning. Luckily everything cleared up by midday and remained perfect for the ceremony. The ceremony itself was the highlight of the wedding for us. It was not a traditional ceremony with the regular formalities, but was instead much more personal and told our story. Our favourite part was how much everyone was laughing throughout, and we got many compliments that it was the best and most fun ceremony people had ever been to. 

As for the rest, the venue was amazing, the food was great and plentiful (got a lot of compliments for that too!) and everyone had a great time. Our reception was a little unique as well because as soon as we entered the hall we immediately started dancing and getting everyone to join us. Since Aylon is Jewish and I'm Iraqi we kicked it off with one celebratory song from each of our cultures, which really set the tone for the rest of the night - we were here to dance and celebrate!

Speeches were also a lot of fun, especially the one given by Aylon's mother, who does not like public speaking but was told 'no speech, no invite'. By the end of the night our feet really hurt, which was a sign that it was a great night.  

The dress: A lot of people told me that finding the dress was one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding. What was amazing was that the dress I chose was the first dress I tried on - I instantly knew it was the one. The dress was from Jenny's Bridal on Kyber Pass, but many people thought I had gotten it from overseas because it was so unique. 

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The flowers: We got the flowers from Wedding Flowers and they turned out more beautiful than we actually expected. They truly were stunning. 

Highlight of the wedding: Our highlight was definitely the ceremony. It was great to have everyone there to hear our story (which is quite unique) and to be able to see their reactions to it. Later Aylon had some people asking him if it was actually all true, which, amazingly, it is.

Was there any drama? We had a few last minute dramas. To start with the suit hire place for our groomsmen accidentally showed us the wrong suits a few months earlier, when we originally booked them. We needed light grey and the suits we were shown were perfect. When Aylon went to get them the week of the wedding he was told those suits weren't rentals and they only had a dark grey for rent. Luckily two days later they got a new season of light grey suits, so it kind of worked out in the end. 

The second drama involved technical difficulties. We had quite a few friends and family overseas who weren't able to attend the wedding so we were planning on live-streaming the ceremony for them. We managed to set everything up so we had Wifi reaching the garden and it was all working. Then literally five minutes before the I showed up, the Wifi connection was lost.  While that was unfortunate, we still recorded the ceremony and posted the video on youtube for everyone later. 

The final drama was during the ceremony itself. As the final bridesmaid got to the front just before the bride was to walk down the isle, she informed Aylon and the celebrant that she had never been given the ring, so didn't have it. We later discovered that it was left in the hotel room and luckily Aylon's Brother-in-law came to the rescue by loaning us his wedding ring for the ceremony.

The honeymoon: Our honeymoon hasn't happened yet, but we're planning on having it in Japan sometime in the next year. 

Your photographer and favourite photo?  Our photographers were Dreamlife Photos & Video, and Tigris Photography. We had so many great photos but the one where we both really went 'wow' the second we saw it was the picture of us standing in the field with with me holding the umbrella.

- Stuff


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