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Last updated 05:00 14/02/2014

My most romantic moment ever

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There is surely no statement more love-affirming than popping the question in the company of family, and 30-year-old Eugene Cacho's surprise dessert proposal is one of the sweetest we've heard.

Eugene and Claire tied the knot in a lovely church in Wellington complete with a fairy-tale dress, heart-warming poetry and the cutest family dance ever.

We'll let Claire fill you in on all the details...

How did you meet? Eugene and I met through mutual friends. When we met for the first time he had just come home from work and I was sitting in his lounge singing karaoke with his flatmate who is a good friend of mine.

Tell us about the proposal: One weekend we both happened to have family members visiting town - my mum from Australia and Eugene's mum and Aunt from out of town -  so Eugene planned a dinner. He wanted a nice get-together with both families and said it was the perfect opportunity for our mothers to meet. When it came to dessert the chef came out and hand delivered me a cake with the words 'will you marry me?' written in chocolate on the plate. He got down on one knee in front of our families and popped the question with the most beautiful ring. 

Location of wedding: Our ceremony was held at St Peters Church in Wellington, followed by our reception at the
Foxglove ball room on Queen's Wharf, also in Wellington.

Describe your wedding day:
The weather was cloudy and very windy but warm. My bridesmaids and mum arrived at the hotel for the make-up artist to start and our morning was full of laughs! Apparently the groom and groomsmen were having just as much fun, and definitely had it easier than the girls. They were checked into the same hotel as us and spent the morning at the pool followed by xbox with a few beers. All the boys were given a pair of raybans, a superhero shirt and matching cufflinks so they had alot of fun getting ready! The groom had to be superman, of course.

Our ceremony was very formal and traditional, it included readings of prayers and poems by friends and family. Our reception was elegant - each table had two glass fishbowls that sat on round mirrors and were finished with pearls floating on water and one peach gerbera on top. Our colour theme for our wedding carried on through to the reception pulling everything together. 

We had such a good time taking photos with our bridal party and the girls continued the fun through to the reception by walking in during an upbeat song wearing bright loveheart sunglasses and surprising everyone with the harlem shake.

The whole day had a romantic feel to it and the groom's speech was so touching it made everyone cry - it was truly perfect.

The dress: My dress had a sweetheart neckline and buttons up the back. It had a tulle bottom which was covered in lace around the edge and the front had one pleat with lace running through it, giving it a fairy-tale look. It had a princess style bottom and I wore it with a large petticoat which really emphasised the ball gown look.  A white, swarovski crystal-studded belt went around my waist and on the back I wore an 80-year-old pearl and gold brooch gifted to me by my grandmother. 

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The flowers: My bouquet was made up of white and avalanche roses which matched the colour of my bridesmaids' dresses perfectly. All the men wore avalanche button holes and the bridesmaids had white hydrangeas.

Highlight of the wedding: After our first dance together our children aged one and three unexpectedly pushed their way through the crowd onto the dance floor and grabbed on to each one of us for a dance. The DJ played a special song for us and we did a family dance together. My little girl grabbing onto my dress and looking up at me is perfectly etched into my mind. 

Was there any drama? The bridal bouquet I ordered was supposed to be peonies but it wasn't a good season for them this year so the florist's order to the growers was declined the day before the wedding. Luckily she was able to make up a bouquet from some leftover roses she had. Also, the groom managed to split his pants on the day. My brother knocked on our hotel room door and asked if someone could fix them, and Lfortunately my bridesmaids were prepared and had bought a sewing kit for my emergency bridal pack. My mum got on the job to fix the pants. In an attempt to reduce my stress, everyone told me the broken pants belonged to my brother and it wasn't until later that day I found out they was actually my husband's.

The honeymoon: We are still trying to decide where to go for our honeymoon, but we are thinking Greece.

Your photographer and favourite photo? Our photographer was Kent Yu. I think my favourite photo would have to be one he took of me just as I finished getting ready in the hotel and was about to make my way to the church to my groom. It's simple yet timeless. When I look at it, it reminds me that this was also the last day I carried my father's last name. 

- Stuff


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