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Last updated 05:00 11/04/2014

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Janeen and Grant met on a wintery evening at a bar on K Rd in Auckland.

The pair bonded instantly and although Grant managed to catch the dreaded 'man-flu' just days later, resulting in the ultimate sin - first date cancellation - Janeen found it in her heart to give him a second chance.

Besides a forgotten bottle of champagne, their proposal night was almost perfect and soon after, Janeen and Grant tied the knot during a beautiful ceremony at Mecca Stonehouse in Mission Bay.

We love the stunning silvery shade of Janeen's dress, it suits her down to the ground don't you think?

Anyway, we'll let Janeen fill you in on all the details...

How did you meet? Grant and I aught each other's eyes on the dance floor late one night at Ink Bar on K Rd, and then spent the night talking outside in their courtyard. It was winter at the time, and Grant subsequently caught man flu, so when he cancelled our first date I thought he was writing me off. However, I gave him a second shot, we eventually went on that date and the rest is history.

Tell us about the proposal: Grant took me to Erawan Thai (restaurant in Herne Bay), where we had our first date - we even managed to be sat at the same table! Just after we finished our mains, the couple sitting at the table beside us finished up and left, so we were on our own in that area of the restaurant. As we were perusing the dessert menu (and I was wondering why Grant was even looking at it, as he never orders dessert) he took a ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee. I ecstatically said yes! We then decided we wanted to finish celebrating at home by calling our family and friends so promptly went to the bottle shop across the road, bought a bottle of champagne and caught a cab home. Unfortunately, we were so excited we managed to leave the bottle behind in the cab - ah well, I guess the taxi driver got to celebrate our engagement that night too.

Location of wedding: Our wedding was at Mecca Stonehouse, Mission Bay, Auckland.

Describe your wedding day: Our wedding day was amazing - getting ready with my bridesmaids was a real highlight as I got to spend quality time with my sister and my two best friends who had come across from Sydney and London. Having a relatively intimate venue meant we could relax and spend time with all of our guests and the whole day was full of laughs because of it. We were very lucky with the weather as it was windy and overcast. We managed to fit the photos in before the outdoor ceremony and literally five minutes after the formal part, it started to pour! Grant and I personalised our vows and threw a bit of humour in which went down well. We even pulled off our first dance without a hitch - having had it choreographed by my zumba instructor who also happens to be a salsa dancer. The speeches were a high point, with the groomsmen having to each do a shot of gin during the groom's speech as payback for making him overindulge on gin at his stag (his least favourite alcohol). It was a fantastic day and I'd happily do it all over again if I could!

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The dress: My dress was designed by Katie Yeung from Hira Bridal and I loved it. I always knew I didn't want a traditional white wedding dress, but I still wanted to look formal and like a bride. My dress made me feel like I was going to the Oscars, I felt super glam! And the detachable train made me look like a bride without being super traditional.                                                                                                                                                                        The flowers: Beautiful, simple sunflowers - with the yellow colour of them really 'popping' against the silver of my wedding dress and the navy bridesmaid dresses.

Highlight of the wedding: I can't possibly pick one, but these are my top three highlights: 1. Seeing each other for the first time was really great - having the photos pre-ceremony meant that we really appreciated the intimacy of the moment. Seeing as the day goes by in such a blur and you want to make sure you spend lots of time with your guests, having that time together earlier in the day meant we could be more relaxed and really take in how good the other person looked! 2. Walking down the aisle towards each other. I walked down to 'Time of My Life' from Dirty Dancing which really made everybody smile. I couldn't keep the grin off my face - it was a truly special moment. 3. Seeing everyone's reaction to our wedding 'cake', which was actually layers of different kinds of cheese and our caketopper which had the traditional bride and groom but also a mini version of our cat!

Was there any drama? One of the groomsmen was Grant's twin brother who lives in London. He had ordered the same suit as the others, and picked it up and tried it on separately to them when he arrived back in NZ. It fitted perfectly and as he had specified to have the same suit, he assumed all was fine. However, when he turned up on the day, it was the wrong colour! 45 minutes before they were due at the photos location, they managed to go back to the store. There was one suit left in the right colour, and the tailor happened to be in-store that day to alter it to fit... Crisis averted!

The honeymoon:  As we had a lot of friends and family from overseas come to our wedding we did a "mini-moon' and took some time out to travel with said overseas friends down to Martinborough for a three day coastal walk. It was great fun and meant we could catch up properly with our friends. The official honeymoon is currently being planned for later in the year.

Your photographer and favourite photo?  We took our photos at the high courthouse and old government house near Albert Park - it was a really great spot. Our photographer was the amazing Matt Hunt of Matt Hunt Photography who did a fabulous job of making us all feel relaxed and look good.

- Stuff

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