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Introducing Bekah and Tom

A little help from their friends.

We love a good proposal story and Bekah and Tom's is definitely one that had us reaching for our tissue box.

Introducing Brayden & Monique

Brayden and Monique's big day went off almost without a hitch. They say they'd do it all again.

Together for eight years and they're only 25, this couple are sure to go the distance.

Introducing Joelle & Kayne gallery

The look of love.

When these uni sweethearts married in the beautiful King Country, their day went off without a hitch. Almost.

Meet Sarah-Lee and Oli gallery

Sparks flew throughout the night.

An online love-match followed by a cheeky afternoon beer led to a life of happiness for these two.

Introducing Bronwyn & Daniel gallery

The newlyweds in Mona Vale gardens.

They lived in the same spot for years, yet their paths never crossed until they moved to London. If that isn't fate, we don't know what is ...

Introducing Alice & Jeremy gallery

Jeremy & Alice

This big day was full of surprises, from a secret duet to a dramatic haircut and a mid-photo downpour.

Introducing Brenna & Aaron gallery

Brenna and Aaron

A sunset proposal in Asia, a wedding dress made by the bride's mum ... this is seriously romantic stuff.

Introducing Kirsten & Hannah gallery

Central Park in Spring, could there be anywhere more romantic?

From long distance love to a dreamy wedding in New York, these Kiwi ladies' wedding was picture perfect.

Introducing Tom & Ingrid gallery

Iona & Country Wedding, by Michelle  Fey for Eva Bradley Photography

An emotional reveal on the big day left the groom (and us) all welled up.

Introducing Terri & Brook gallery

The newlyweds.

What started as a joke turned into a Rarotongan elopement, where even a little rain couldn't dampen the magic.

Introducing Elise & Regan gallery

Elise and Regan.

These high-school sweethearts wanted a relaxed day full of fun - and it looks like they hit the nail on the head.

Introducing Andrew & Jess gallery

Andrew & Jess

Doves, classic cars, a magician, a hip-hop dance crew and a helicopter . . . this isn't your average wedding.

Introducing Alicia & Edoardo gallery

Photographed by Brooke Baker

This laidback couple let the sights and colours of Auckland city play a starring role in their big day.

Introducing Trevor & Kim gallery

Trevor and Kim

They bonded in study group, travelled the world together and danced the night away on their big day.

Introducing Becky and Andrew

Having a laugh by the wedding cars.

A sweet proposal on rainy fishing trip inspired a wedding with a hunting and fishing theme.

Introducing Marcelle & Steve gallery

Marcelle and Steve

From an office romance in Sydney to a proposal in Paris and a beach wedding in the Bay of Plenty.

Introducing Zelina & Rajee gallery

Photo by Adrian De La Fuente Wedding Photojournalism.

It may not have been love at first sight, but luckily Cupid came back a few years later.

Introducing James & Laura-Alice gallery

James & Laura-Alice

These high-school sweethearts were separated by university - until the day a mutual friend reunited them . . .

Introducing Laura & Damo gallery

Laura & Damien

He admired her from afar when they were teens, but it was seven years until this pair had the chance to finally hit it off.

Introducing Clarissa & James gallery

Clarissa & James

This long-time couple dodged a storm to tie the knot in a "perfect" outdoor ceremony - thanks to a little bit of magic.

Introducing Miranda & Matt gallery

Miranda & Matt

Their first meeting was like something out of Harry Potter, and their big day was just as magical.

Introducing Kate & Ashleigh gallery

Kate & Ashleigh.

Their year had been marked by tragedy and stress, but their big day was full of nothing but beautiful, heartfelt touches.

Introducing Josef & Emily gallery


A helicopter ride, a rapped speech and the sweetest present from the groom... this is one picture-perfect big day.

Introducing Luke & Samantha gallery

Luke & Samantha

Sparks didn't fly when they first met, but this couple managed to turn a fleeting meeting into lifelong love.

Introducing Jonathan & Visha gallery

Photos by Kent Yu Photography.

First an office friendship, then love, a Fiji proposal and a vintage-style wedding with a T-rex photo.

Introducing Daniel & Sindy gallery

Daniel & Sindy

From horse-drawn carriages and a teary ceremony to sparklers on the dance floor, this big day looked like a fairytale.

Introducing Jessica & Scott gallery

Jessica & Scott

From a surprise mid-drive proposal to a stunning Rarotongan elopement, this couple have been anything but traditional.

Introducing Jessica & Jesse gallery

Jessica and Jesse wedding

A romantic Budapest proposal, a beautiful outdoor ceremony, and a reception catered by the groom himself!

Introducing Natalie & Logan gallery

Natalie and Logan

The proposal may have been casual but these high-school sweethearts pulled out all the stops for a romantic ceremony.

Introducing Graeme & Louise gallery

Graeme & Louise

First a fancy dress meeting, then a romantic Niue proposal, and now a "fairytale wedding".

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